Webster Vienna Private University is delivering new opportunities through innovation excellence based on its Strategic Plan. We are committed to high-quality, globally-significant academic research combining theory and practice, an international perspective, and a strong integration with teaching.
Webster Vienna Private University is delivering new opportunities through innovation excellence based on its Strategic Plan. We are committed to high-quality, globally-significant academic research combining theory and practice, an international perspective, and a strong integration with teaching.

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Dr. Ronald Hochreiter has been invited to present at the annual ARS Investment Funds Conference in June 2021. The event is targeted towards professionals in the fields of banking, law, and accounting, among others. Dr. Hochreiter’s keynote address, “AI, Fintech & Asset Management”, will give context to investing in current market conditions considering ongoing regulatory developments, economic megatrends, and the effect of AI on asset management.

Dr. Hochreiter is thrilled to have the opportunity to share his knowledge on the cutting-edge issues effecting today’s business decisions. He will be joined by several leaders in the field of finance and investment from Austria and abroad, including WVPU adjunct instructor, Dr. Armin Kammel.

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Faculty - Business and Management

Faculty and Staff

Active in 2020-2021

Dr. Florin Abazi
Computer Science

Dr. Mehdi Ali

Dr. Maximilian Benner, M.Sc.

Mr. Alfred Dolecek, MSc.
Accounting and Marketing

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Claus Ebster
Marketing & Management

Mag. Alexandra Federer, MBA

Mr. Massimiliano Falcinelli, MS
Computer Science

Dr. Paul Fischer, LLM
Business Law

Dr. Andrea Gaal

Dr. Hossein Hassani

Ms. Casandra Hutchinson, MSc
Math & Statistics

Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Petra Inwinkl

Mr. Michael Kapfer, MBA
Marketing & Public Relations

Dr. Christian Kreuzer

Dr. Christopher Kronenberg
Management & Entrepreneurship

Mr. Charles La Fond, MBA

Dr. Xavier Matteucci

Mr. Alan Noble, MA

Dr. Heinz Palasser, MBA, MSc

Mag. Svetla Pehlivanova-Porenta

Dr. Hanno Poeschl, MSc, MBA
Finance & Management

Dr. Rudolf Rössel, MBA
Computer Science

Dr. Roman G. Seligo
Sales Management

Mr. Robert Senz

Dr. A. Nicholas Simon
Business Law

Dr. Christian Steineder

Mr. Miguel Suarez Vasquez, PhD, MSc, MBA
Business & Accounting

Dr. Owat Sunanta
Math & Statistics

Mr. William Tippin, DM, CMC
Management [Fall 2020 Visiting Sverdrup Fellow]

Mr. Emil Tsenov, MA

Dipl.Kfm. Norbert Wetzel, MBA
Finance & Human Resources Management

Mag. Christian Wozabal, MBA

Panel Discussion at WVPU published in “Le Grand Continent”


Following the Online Panel Discussion “The European Commission: The political engine room of European integration?” organized by the International Relations Department at WVPU, the debate featuring Prof. Frédéric Mérand and Prof. Dr. Martin Selmayr was now published by the magazine “Le Grand Continent”. The magazine features geopolitical, European and legal issues as well as intellectual and artistic debate and is a project founded by the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. In case you missed the online event you now have the chance to follow-up on the discussion which is available both in English and in French.

The online panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Dr. Jozef Bátora, took place on April 14, 2021.


Commentary on recent protests in Russia


Anatoly Reshetnikov, Assistant Professor at WVPU’s International Relations Department, and his co-author Tobias Spöri from the University of Vienna have published a commentary on the Russian protests that took place in January 2021. In their analysis, commissioned by the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association, Reshetnikov and Spöri conclude that there is little hope for success of the democratic protest movement in Russia, as the opportunity structures for protest remain narrow. Russian political elites form a single-pyramid network with a ‘chief patron’ on top, elections are neither free nor fair, the uncoopted opposition does not have real allies in power, while the regime’s capacity and propensity to repression is graphically demonstrated at every unsanctioned protest.

However, there are still reasons for hope. First, Russia’s information landscape is changing irreversibly as the tightly state-controlled television is losing its audience, while the share of social media users is growing day by day. Second, the leading Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny and his team have managed to drastically increase their visibility and popularity in the recent years, despite the unceasing pressure and assaults exercised by the Kremlin. Finally, the newly adopted smart mobilization strategies, such as neighbourhood assemblies and online protest mapping, may bear fruit and help the uncoopted opposition to mobilise more effectively.

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Franco Algieri has published an evaluation of the EU’s China policy in the Yearbook of European Integration 2020. In light of ongoing controversies in EU-China relations, the article deals with the re-orientation of the EU’s strategy towards China.

Franco Algieri: Die Europäische Union und China, in : Weidenfeld, W./Wessels, W. (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2020. Baden-Baden. Nomos, 2020, 371-376.

Faculty - International Relations

Faculty and Staff

Active in 2020 - 2021

Aner Barzilay, PhD
Topics in Modern European History

Dr. Elina Brutschin
Methods of Political Inquiry
Advanced Research Methods

Dr. J. Werner Druml
International Affair

Univ.-Ass. Mag. Dr. Marcel Fink
Comparative Politics

Dr. Eric Frey
International Political Economy

Mag. Gerlad Garber
Introduction to Political Argumentation and Debate

Dr. Sandra Goldstein
Middle East Area Studies

MMag. Dr. iur. Ralph Janik, LL.M.
International Law

Dr. Monika Mokre
Politics of Development
Refugee and Migration Movements

Prof. Iver B. Neumann, PhD
War and Diplomacy

Mag. Dr Dieter Reinisch MRes
The Age of Total War: Europe 1890-1945
Contemporary Europe: 1945-Present

Dr. Astrid Reisinger Coracini
International Law


"Fighting Censorship: A Shift from Freedom to Diversity"

In April, Anthony Löwstedt’s "Fighting Censorship: A Shift from Freedom to Diversity" was published as the opening chapter of Media and Law: Between Free Speech and Censorship, edited by Mathieu Deflem and Derek Silva. It is a conceptual investigation into some of the most pressing regulatory communication problems of our time.

Drawing on his professional experience of working to counteract, contain, and minimize censorship, having worked for over ten years for the International Press Institute and the United Nations Development Programme, Dr. Löwstedt explores what must, should, and should not be said in the public sphere of information, ideas, opinions, and tastes. The chapter develops a theoretical framework for combating censorship not only with the legal concept of liberty, but, increasingly, with the principles of cultural and media diversity. A wide range of censorship is considered, from hard to soft, to self-censorship. In a chaotic, post-Cold War world of digital media ubiquity, alternative facts, inflammatory hate speech, fake news, media ownership concentration, corporate censorship, copyright censorship, and rampant plagiarism, the frontlines have relocated and transformed, and neither libertarian nor liberal principles are going to be sufficient to regulate the media in ways that will keep censorship in check. The chapter also builds a bridge to a closely related kind of activism, namely for biodiversity. Following an historical analysis of the development of the concept of freedom, he argues that the wider ideal of promoting biocultural diversity will be needed as a prioritized principle beside, and not behind, liberty, equality, and human rights.     

Dr. Löwstedt has been invited to present this new approach to censorship and communication values in mid-July at the annual conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. The conference, originally scheduled to be held in Nairobi, has since switched to an online format, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Löwstedt, A. (2021). Fighting Censorship: A Shift from Freedom to Diversity. In Deflem, M. and Silva, D.M.D. (Ed.) Media and Law: Between Free Speech and Censorship (Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Vol. 26), Emerald Publishing, Bingley, UK, pp. 9-23. https://doi.org/10.1108/S1521-613620210000026002  

Faculty - Strategic Communication

Faculty and Staff

Active in 2020 - 2021

Phil Moran, PhD
Media Production

Rafal Morusiewicz, PhD
Film studies

Seth Weiner, BFA, M.Arch
Digital production tools

Using facial behavior to predict psychological maladjustment


Previous research suggests the existence of connections between nonverbal behavior and emotional processes. Given the association between emotion and psychological disorders, nonverbal behavior may be relevant cues of the processes underlying psychopathology. In an attempt to corroborate this idea, we investigated the relationships between facial behavior and psychological maladjustment.

Dyadic interviews were conducted in the CanBeLab in which participants discussed a series of events in relation to fundamental life situations. These interviews were recorded with cameras and microphones and the video recordings were used in automatic facial behavior analyses. Scores obtained on the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) were taken as measures of an individual’s maladjustment. Correlation analyses revealed a number of moderate negative associations between facial behavior and self-reported depression and stress, suggesting that individuals who scored high on the depression subscale of the DASS tended to be less expressive facially.

The variability of facial behavior over time was also negatively correlated with scores on the stress subscale. People displaying low variation in facial behavior reported feeling more stressed. All in all, the idea that facial behavior can be used as an indicator of maladjustment processes is supported by our data and further research will examine whether these associations hold for other expressive modalities such as vocal and bodily cues. This research suggest that systematic measurements of nonverbal behavior appear to be valuable in the assessment of psychopathology, which makes it particularly relevant for the practice of counseling and psychotherapy. 
This study was part of Ielyzaveta Golovina's Senior Thesis research, supervised by Dr. Marc Méhu. The data used in this research was partly collected by students of the MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology within the remit of the course Applied Statistics and Research Methods in Spring 2019.                      

Faculty - Psychology 

Faculty and Staff

Active in 2020 - 2021


Aisha Bajwa, PharmD                            

Pharmacology, Psychoanalysis



Dr. Christine Butterfield                        

Psychiatry & Psychotherapy



Dr. Helga Felsberger                               

Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis



Dr. Kathleen Hodkinson                                                                              

Clinical Psychology



Dr. Jessica Howells                                                                                      

Clinical Psychology



Dr. Maria Lolich                                          

Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Science



Dr. Isabella Sarto-Jackson              

Biological Psychology



Dr. Gregory Bartel                                      

Business, Marketing, Cognitive Science



Dr. Dezsoe Birkas-Kovats                                                    

Psychiatry & Psychotherapy



Dr. Ricardo Draghi-Lorenz             

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy



Dr. Romualdo Fernandes Ramos               

Social Psychology & Occupational Health


Heather Moon-Vogels, MA

Counseling Psychology



Mag. Cornelia Kastner                                      

Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology



Mag. Krista Rothschild                                   

Clinical & Health Psychology



Mag. Sandra Velásquez                                 

Clinical & Health Psychology



Antonija Pacek, M. Phil                                                         

Psychology of Education


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