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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides training in business for students interested in understanding the working nature of business in a competitive environment. Courses in the MBA program integrate information and theories from various disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, production operations, and strategic management.

This program gives students the business skills they need to develop and implement value creating ideas and solutions. It's designed for professionals who want to shape their own career, upgrade credentials, and be strategic players in the world of business.

Class time throughout the program will be devoted to case studies and other real-world applications. Your final capstone course, MBA 5920 Walker Consulting Project, offers an opportunity to put your skills and competencies into practice. You and a team from across our international network will work directly with an organization's representatives to identify opportunities, address challenges and create value-added solutions.

Intake: Fall semester only

Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will build their skills in 18 Business and 9 Personal Effectiveness areas.
  • Graduates will be able to solve semi-structured and unstructured business problems.
  • Graduates will be able to focus on creating value in an ESG (environmental, social, governance) framework consistent with modern business practice.


Further information about program prerequisites can be found here

Program Curriculum

The degree requires satisfactory completion of 36 US credit hours of the MBA curriculum. Students who require prerequisite courses may have to complete more than the minimum required US credit hours for this degree. (View previous degree requirements.)

The below program is effective starting Fall 2021:

  • MBA 5010 Value Creation (3 hours)
  • MBA 5020 Quantitative Methods for the MBA (3 hours)
  • MBA 5030 Market Analysis and Business Planning (3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5000 and MBA 5010
  • MBA 5100 Adding Value Through Human Capital(3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5020 and BUSN 5030
  • MBA 5200 Financial Value of Capital Projects (3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5020 and BUSN 5030
  • MBA 5300 Providing Value to Customers (3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5020 and BUSN 5030
  • MBA 5400 The Supply Chain and Business Processes (3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5020 and BUSN 5030
  • MBA 5500 Information Support for Decision-making (3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5020 and BUSN 5030
  • MBA 5910 Cases in Value Creation (3 hours)
    Prerequisites: BUSN 5100, BUSN 5200, BUSN 5300, BUSN 5400, and BUSN 5500 (can be taken concurrently with BUSN 5500)
  • MBA 5920 Walker Consulting Project: Adding Value to Organizations (3 hours)
    Prerequisite: completion of all of the required courses above (can be taken concurrently with BUSN 5910)
  • BUSN 6250 Thesis (6 hours)

After Graduation

MBA graduates find career opportunities in a myriad of global industries, including logistics, energy, tourism, finance, and trade. Previous graduates have found positions as global supply chain consultants, trade policy advisors, and as managers in business development, finance, and international marketing. Whether you want to grow in your current organization or transition to something new, you'll be prepared for your next step. With Webster Vienna's MBA, you'll combine a carefully selected set of business competencies with personal effectiveness competencies to help you create value within your organization and achieve your professional goals.

Resources & Roadmaps

Resources for MBA Students

*Note: Program prerequisites may taken concurrently with MBA 5010. Prerequisite courses are required for those students who have not completed an appropriate equivalent within the five years prior to entering the MBA program. In the case of BUSN 5000 - Business, students must have completed an accredited undergraduate degree in business or management within five years of starting the MBA program. If the appropriate prerequisite course content was completed more than five years prior to entering the program, the department will allow a waiver if the student demonstrates command of the content area by successfully completing a waiver examination. If you are interested in taking a prerequisite waiver examination, please see the department coordinator.

Faculty - Business and Management

Faculty and Staff

Active in 2020-2021

Dr. Florin Abazi
Computer Science

Dr. Mehdi Ali

Dr. Maximilian Benner, M.Sc.

Mr. Alfred Dolecek, MSc.
Accounting and Marketing

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Claus Ebster
Marketing & Management

Mag. Alexandra Federer, MBA

Mr. Massimiliano Falcinelli, MS
Computer Science

Dr. Paul Fischer, LLM
Business Law

Dr. Andrea Gaal

Dr. Hossein Hassani

Ms. Casandra Hutchinson, MSc
Math & Statistics

Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Petra Inwinkl

Mr. Michael Kapfer, MBA
Marketing & Public Relations

Dr. Christian Kreuzer

Dr. Christopher Kronenberg
Management & Entrepreneurship

Mr. Charles La Fond, MBA

Dr. Xavier Matteucci

Mr. Alan Noble, MA

Dr. Heinz Palasser, MBA, MSc

Mag. Svetla Pehlivanova-Porenta

Dr. Hanno Poeschl, MSc, MBA
Finance & Management

Dr. Rudolf Rössel, MBA
Computer Science

Dr. Roman G. Seligo
Sales Management

Mag. Robert Senz

Dr. A. Nicholas Simon
Business Law

Dr. Christian Steineder

Mr. Miguel Suarez Vasquez, PhD, MSc, MBA
Business & Accounting

Dr. Owat Sunanta
Math & Statistics

Mr. William Tippin, DM, CMC
Management [Fall 2020 Visiting Sverdrup Fellow]

Mr. Emil Tsenov, MA

Dipl.Kfm. Norbert Wetzel, MBA
Finance & Human Resources Management

Mag. Christian Wozabal, MBA

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