Welcome to Webster - Human Resources

Welcome to Webster Vienna Private University

We are very happy that you are going to join us in our efforts to provide a student-centered, high-quality education to young people from many different nations. We know that our student body benefits tremendously from the diversity of our faculty—from the faculty members’ diverse cultural background, their educational background and academic qualifications, their professional experiences, and their commitment to learning and teaching.

We very much appreciate your professional engagement as a pedagogue and your dialogue with our students and your colleagues. We want you to know that our academic staff members want to support you in your work and make your teaching experience a very positive one. If you have questions, need explanations, need help resolving any issue, please feel free to contact the Webster support staff.

Mission / Vision / Core Values

Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. Our vision is to be a premier U.S. - based international university setting a distinct standard for global education. This vision is built on a foundation of excellence in teaching and enhanced by an international perspective that fosters dialogue, respect and understanding across boundaries and between peoples. The educational endeavors in support of this vision are meeting the needs and enriching a global mix of learners within an ever-increasing network of students desiring a U.S. education in multiple parts of the world. The institution is committed to offering these students a distinct personal experience and building the resources required to achieve this vision. The actions of the institution are shaped by our core values.

Students - By sustaining a personalized approach to education through small classes, close relationships with faculty and staff, and attention to student life.

Learning - By developing educational programs that join theory and practice, provide an international perspective, encourage creativity and scholarship, and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively serve communities and the world.

Diversity - By creating an environment accessible to individuals of diverse cultures, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds and instilling in students a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and others values.

Global Citizenship - By educating a diverse population locally, nationally, and internationally, acting responsibly toward the environment to foster a sustainable future, and strengthening the communities we serve.

Human Resources Webpage

The Human Resources department acts as a liaison between the institution and the employee to help and consult in all HR related subject matters. A part of our mission is to provide you with continuous quality service. Therefore, we welcome any recommendations or suggestions you may have regarding the information provided. Please contact the HR Department hrdepartment@webster.ac.at if you want to make suggestions.

New Faculty: Getting Started

Webster Faculty ID
All instructors need to obtain their faculty ID and a special password (created by the Webster St. Louis office). This information can be used for setting up and accessing the Connections account. Instructors can obtain this important information by contacting the Academic Coordinators' Office, Room 3.3, or academiccoordinators@webster.ac.at.

Webster e-mail address
Once an instructor has set-up his/ her Connections account, s/he will receive his/ her @webster.edu email address automatically upon completion of the set-up. Please use only your Webster address for all communication with students. If you don’t know your @webster.edu e-mail address, please contact the Academic Coordinators’ Office for assistance, academiccoordinators@webster.ac.at.

Webster Private Faculty Mailboxes
Private staff and faculty mailboxes are located on the ground floor near the Reception desk and are listed alphabetically by last name. Please note that faculty mailboxes are only available to faculty teaching in the current term.

Faculty Resource Webpage
The Faculty Resource Webpage is the primary source of useful information for faculty regarding university policies, procedural instructions, course information, commonly used forms, library services, etc. If you have any questions with regard to the information on this webpage, please contact the Academic Coordinators Office: academiccoordinators@webster.ac.at

Active Faculty (Salaried and Adjunct)

Webster Vienna Private University's faculty members are committed to the highest standards of teaching, combining crucial theoretical knowledge of each field with real world practice and hands-on application.

The faculty is comprised of salaried faculty as well as practitioners who teach on an adjunct basis, to provide an education in which the latest academic insights are combined with experience gained in the field. Our international faculty body represents over 20 nationalities from around the world, enriching our students' cross-cultural understanding and professional knowledge.

Please visit the following links to access faculty profiles by academic area:

Business and Management
International Relations
Media Communications