Health Insurance

Due to the Austrian accreditation of Webster University, our students are entitled to be insured by the public health insurance agency Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse (WGKK) at the monthly student tariff of EUR 59.57 (fifty nine Euros and fifty seven cents).

Make sure that you have either private or travel health insurance to cover you until at least the end of your first month at Webster, as one of the documents required to apply for Austrian insurance will only be available in the third week of the term. You will need to apply for your Austrian health insurance before your private insurance expires.*

The following items should be submitted in person at the WGKK:

  • WGKK health insurance application form and list of items needed
  • Meldezettel or Residence Registration from Vienna (if you are applying from outside of Vienna but inside of Austria, then you must go to that state specific Gebietskrankenkasse apply there using the Meldezettel from that federal state)
  • Certification of enrollment (Inskribtionsbestätigung - available in the third week of the term; please request this at the Front Desk
  • Proof of performance (Studienerfolgsnachweis) for current students - please request this a week before your appointment at the Front Desk; this document is only available if you have already completed at least one Webster Vienna course)

The address of the WGKK is:
Wienerbergstrasse 15-19
1100 Vienna

Your application needs to be submitted to the above address during their opening hours
Mondays - Fridays from 8:00-14:00 o'clock

English speaking Doctors in Vienna

General Practitioners and other specialists:


If you are not using the WGKK you will have to use a private Austrian insurance company of your choice which covers all risks in Austria and meets any other requirements of the Austrian authorities.

For more information, please contact Student Services at