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Centennial Commencement graduates

An American higher education! Turning this dream into reality is for some talented young students far out of reach. Webster Vienna Private University can help students get closer to realizing this dream by not only offering an American degree in the heart of Europe but also by seeking out supporters who want to be part of fulfilling this dream for a gifted and deserving young person who is eager to learn.

Incoming students have to prove educational success at previous schools as well as that they are in need of financial support. A selected committee at Webster Vienna will ensure that all criteria are fulfilled before the student is awarded a scholarship. The scholarship is evaluated for renewal each academic year for the awarded student. The student needs to maintain an average GPA of 3.0 to keep the scholarship in the following academic year. This scholarship is available for incoming Bachelor and Master students.

This scholarship fund is financed by a number of donors who want to give to this worthy cause but are not able to fully support a student on their own. The collective funds generated are then passed on to a deserving student after the selection has been made by the committee. All scholarship fund donors will receive a yearly report on how the fund was used.

Scholarships have had a long standing tradition in the U.S. Recipients are proud of this achievement as only the most talented students are awarded a scholarship. Being a scholarship recipient is a great asset when applying for jobs as it shows employers that this applicant is ambitious and a hard worker.

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