Individual Donors

Webster Vienna gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all our individual donors for their support!

Current donors:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Chopin, Campus Director Webster Vienna 1988-99
  • Oliver Herold
  • Dr. Walter Schön Family
  • Mag. Elisabeth Windbrechtinger
  • Stefan and Heide Soiné

Previous donors:

  • Barbara Kargl, BA '96
  • Steve Chaid, MBA '97
  • Michael Pedigo, BA '02
  • Sarah Cormack, research faculty member
  • Stefano Cantini, MA '94
  • Prof. Thomas Hintze
  • Schön Nobel Fonds
  • Josef Goessl, MBA '96
  • Lydia Goutas, MBA, Managing Partner, LEHNER EXECUTIVE PARTNERS
  • Brigitte Lintner, MBA '97
  • Ing. Mag. Hans Lukits
  • Friederike Mautner Markhof
  • Dr. Franz Nestl
  • Dr. Richard A. Paulson, General Manager CEE, Amgen GmbH
  • David Pamphlett, MA '91
  • Andrea Pramhas, MBA '03
  • Hugh & Sue Ripps
  • Dr. Monika Schwärzler-Brodesser, research faculty member

Webster Vienna would like to extend heartfelt thanks not only to the above mentioned individuals, but also to all our advocates who have supported Webster Vienna Private University since it was founded in 1981 for helping us provide 35 years of outstanding service in Austria.