Corporate Partners & Sponsors

How an investment in Webster University will benefit your company

Your sponsor partnership benefits:

  • Education and Continued Education:

Courses and 8-week programs for your employees free of charge. Evening and online courses allow for studies for full-time employees. A single trial class can be attended anytime.

  • Access to High Potentials:

Direct access to highly motivated students with a higher education degree. Top graduates from over 70 countries can become members of your team in the future. There is also the option to employ students at your company through an internship.

  • Access to the Worldwide Webster Network:

Webster University is present at 106 locations on 4 continents, in 8 countries and in 60 cities with a global alumni network of over 175,000. Our partners can benefit from the worldwide presence, for example, through international representatives (Meet & Greet events, guest lectures, alumni get-togethers), research projects, transfer of knowledge, etc.

  • Access to Research Results:

Companies can take advantage of asking graduate students to examine a specific business-related topic as part of either a “Master Thesis” or through a “Business Case Study” in agreement with the faculty.

  • Visible presence and attention:

A wide range of people will positively perceive your company’s name as a partner who supports education, for example, when taking note of it on our sophisticated donor wall at the entrance of our campus at Palais Wenkheim, through room naming and scholarship funding as well as recognition through PR and marketing activities.

  • Tax Benefit:

Webster Vienna Private University is a non-profit organization and is accredited in Austria. Your donation is tax deductible according to Austrian Income Tax Law.
Webster Vienna gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all our corporate donors for their support!

Donors in 2018/2019: