WVPU Policy on Remote Teaching and Physical Presence of Faculty in Fall 2020

Conditions and deadline (July 23, 2020) for faculty to notify the university that they wish to teach remotely in fall 2020.

In Fall 2020, WVPU plans to teach all courses in hybrid mode combining in class, face-to-face instruction with synchronous audio/video (live-streamed), and recordings then posted to WorldClassroom for asynchronous retrieval to accommodate students who still face issues or concerns that prevent them from being present.

All classrooms have been equipped to accommodate those needs. With respect to attendance, the university must accommodate those students that wish to be physically present and prefers that all faculty teach their courses in person and on-site. However, the university must also respect the concerns of individual faculty members who may be at high risk or have serious concerns about the risks associated with being physically present.

Hence, the Executive Board has established the following policy on the physical presence of faculty in Fall 2020:

Faculty will have the option to teach remotely so long as:

  1. They are in a risk group or have serious concerns for their health; and
  2. Inform the Academic Services Office in writing no later than July 23, 2020.

Faculty are requested to consider their options with regard to the aforementioned and provide an email to the Academic Services Officer, Ms. Maida Kojic-McAndrew - no later than July 23, 2020.

Please use the subject line: REQUEST TO TEACH REMOTELY / NAME

WVPU Policy on remote teaching and physical presence of faculty in fall 2020 available here.