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Webster Connections Portal

Webster University Connections is a web portal through which faculty, staff, and students can apply various tools and access important information. Your Connections ID will give you access to these and other online services. The Academic Services Office will provide you with a username and activation code to access Connections where you will find detailed instructions on how to set up an account by clicking on Connections Account Set-Up Instructions. Once you have set up your online account, you will be able to do the following:

  • Access your WVPU email. Please note that we will use ONLY your Webster email address to communicate with you. Please give only your Webster email address to your students. Make sure to check that mailbox regularly or set up your Webster address for forwarding to your more frequently used address ( ). Once forwarded, your inbox will not display those forwarded e-mails.
  • Enter your grades
  • Look at your class list
  • Access Turnitin
  • Access World Classroom (see below for more information)

WorldClassRoom (powered by Canvas)

All classes that meet face to face have a course home page in WorldClassRoom (aka WorldClassRoom web enhancement) which is powered by Connections using Canvas.

WorldClassRoom is an online courseware program that can help enhance learning in traditional classes. WorldClassRoom allows every course to have a home page where students can utilize tools of the teacher’s choosing. For example, teachers may include online discussions to encourage contributions from students that don’t share their perspectives in class; or post a collection of articles that need to be read prior to class, or a quiz that will provide immediate feedback and grading.

WorldClassRoom tools have been specially organized to extend the physical classroom experience, allowing teachers to focus their attention on those learning tasks that are fully realized in the classroom setting. We encourage you to use the WorldClassRoom to enhance the learning environment of your course, but please be advised that it may not be used to replace any normal contact hours of the class.

These course home pages will be available to students and faculty by selecting the “My Courses”channel on the Faculty or Student tabs inside the “Connections” Portal.

Here you can find a manual on the basic functions.

Accessing Connections and WorldClassRoom powered by Canvas:

You can access the Connections login page by going to

For additional information on how to navigate through Connections and enhance your course using the Canvas powered WorldClassRoom please visit the following useful links:

Training Sessions

The St. Louis Faculty Development Center frequently offers on-line training seminars (webinars) to orientate faculty how to enhance their class with the Canvas-powered WorldClassRoom. For more information on webinar offerings and how to register, as well as to watch our video tutorials, please visit the following page:

Your first point of help is the Computer Lab Assistants for initial activating help. If you have further questions or problems, contact the Webster University Help Desk in St. Louis by e-mailing them at (include your faculty ID number!) or calling +1 314 9685995.

If you have any additional questions or would like to sign up for a training seminar on campus, please contact the Academic Services office at .

Forgot Your Password?

If you forget your password, click on I’ve “Forgotten my Connections ID or Password”. You will need to have your faculty ID number, and will be asked to provide the answers to the two secret questions you selected when setting up your account. If you are able to provide the answers to these two questions, you will be able to retrieve your Connections ID (username) and/or change your password.

Want to access your account through another client?

Click on the following link to learn more about using an email client to access Connections (such as MS-Outlook).