Rafal Morusiewicz, PhD

Rafal Morusiewicz, MA Adjunct Faculty







Courses Taught at WVPU

Film and Television Appreciation
First-Year Seminar
Keystone Seminar
Basic Writing Workshop
Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Background and Facts

Morusiewicz works in the fields of sociology, film theory, artistic practices and queer theory. He is currently completing a doctoral dissertation in sociology at the University of Warsaw's Institute of Applied Social Sciences, as well as a PhD in Practice at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 

Additionally, his work at the intersection of artistic practices and the research methodologies of the social sciences has most recently led to the film Uprooting Ghosts: A Queer “Fantasia on National Themes” that will debut at the Research Pavilion of this year’s Venice Biennale. His most recent publications concern the trans-generational transmission of the non-memory of the Holocaust in contemporary Polish film and society and its queer readings.

Prior to his work at WVPU, Morusiewicz completed his Masters in English (2004) at University of Warsaw. For many years, he taught academic writing, Anglo-American film, TV and video art at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, and also served as an instructor for a number of EU-funded projects and workshops dedicated to promoting the use of information and communication technologies in English Language Teaching.