Mag. Katarzyna Gruszka, Ph.D.

Mag. Katarzyna Gruszka, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty in Global Climate Change






Courses Taught at WVPU 

Global Climate Change 

Background and Facts 

Katarzyna Gruszka comes from an interdisciplinary background – she studied English Studies (Specialization: Pragmatics in Intercultural Communication), receiving an MA degree from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland; completed a master’s degree in Culture, Communication, Globalization (Specialization: Organisational Leadership and Culture) at Aalborg University in Denmark; to finally graduate with honours in PhD in Economics and Social Sciences at the Institute for Ecological Economics (Department of Socioeconomics) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

In her dissertation, she focused on the growing sharing economy activities, embedded in the dynamics between technological developments and current capitalism(s) and the need for socio ecological transformation. Her current research centres primarily on two areas: (i) the political economy and discourses/narratives of platform-mediated work; (ii) the subjective experiences of platform workers of the ongoing transformation or reshaping of the work process via platform infrastructures, particularly in platforms facilitating care and household work – two sectors characterised by a highly vulnerable workforce. Mainly affiliated with the Institute for Ecological Economics at the WU Vienna, she also contributes to the research area of sustainable work, as well as teaching on a range of topics embedded in social-ecological transformation (e.g. climate change, inequality and the environment, economy and the environment). 

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