Dr. Zorica Siročić

Zorica Sirocic Adjunct Faculty in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies




Courses Taught at WVPU

WGST 2620: Women and the Law


Background and Facts

Zorica Siročić obtained her doctorate (2019) in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Graz’s Department of Sociology. Her dissertation, “Festivals and feminist politics in the post-Yugoslav territory,” is a sociological study of contemporary feminist mobilizations in post-socialist Southeastern Europe. Prior to her studies in Graz, Siročić graduated from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Science (2009) and completed an English-taught MA in political science at the Central European University (2010).

At the University of Graz, she teaches the sociology of social movements (BA level) and gender inequalities (MA level). She has previously served as a visiting scholar at Centre for the Studies of Gender in Belgrade (2016), the Centre on Social Movement Studies in Florence (2017/2018), and at the Center for Policy Studies at Central European University in Budapest (2018/19). She is currently working on a post-doctoral research project comparing the responses to anti-gender campaigns in the context of right-wing populism.

Publications (selection):

  • with Oates-Indruchová, Libora, guest editor of the special issue “Post-Yugoslav feminist activism in the 21st century,” Women’s Studies International Forum (forthcoming).
  • “Do-it-yourself or going professionally? On the different potentials of community inclusion through gendered festivals in the post-Yugoslav space.” In Finkel, R. et al. (eds.), Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Event Studies, 33-47. Routledge. 2018
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