Dr. Maxime Brami

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Cultural Anthropology: Human Origins

Background and Facts

Maxime Brami is a prehistoric archaeologist working on the origins of early farming in the Near East and its spread into Europe, circa 8,500 years ago. Originally from Paris, he graduated with a degree in archaeology and anthropology from the University of Bristol in 2008, and subsequently specialized in the archaeology of the Near East for his Masters at University College London before earning his PhD at the University of Liverpool. Since 2014, he has held two postdoctoral fellowships at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and taught courses in archaeological theory at Vienna University. 
Dr. Brami has a particular interest in the interaction between archaeology and anthropology. His recently published book, The Diffusion of Neolithic practices from Anatolia to Europe (Oxford: British Archaeological Reports 2017), is an ethnography of ancient practices, which provides methods to infer them from the material record, without direct informants or texts. Since 2013, he is the Honorary Secretary to the Research Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. 
A keen field archaeologist, Maxime Brami has worked at some of the most important Neolithic sites in the world, including Stonehenge in the UK and Çatalhöyük in Turkey. 
For a list of his publications, please see his academia profile.