Dr. Barbara Rothmueller

Barbara Rothmueller Adjunct Faculty in Sociology







Courses Taught at WVPU

Sociology: Social Problems
Sociology: Sex and Gender


Background and Facts

Barbara Rothmüller studied philosophy, sociology, gender studies, and educational sciences at the universities of Vienna, Graz, and Luxembourg. In her recently completed doctoral studies, she conducted qualitative research on controversial reforms to Luxembourg's education system since the 1970s. Focusing on comprehensive school reform, sex education, and language-in-education policies, she analyzed how social problems have been transformed into educational and linguistic problems throughout the educational system, as well as within nations that, like Luxembourg, are increasingly characterized as migration societies. She recently received the Arlene Kaplan Daniels Award for Best Paper on Women and Social Justice by the Society for the Study of Social Problem (2017).

In 2015/16, she was a Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford University's Graduate School of Education. Before joining the Institute of Education and Society at the University of Luxembourg as a doctoral researcher in 2013, she worked as a University Assistant and Project Assistant at the Department of Theoretical Sociology and Social Analysis at the Institute of Sociology, University of Linz. From 2007 to 2011, she conducted research on behalf of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training. In 2012, she worked as a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna.

Recent journal publications include: "The imagined community of sexually liberal citizens: educational reforms since the 1970s," in Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education (2016), “Pornografisierung von Sexualpädagogik? Über problematische Vorwürfe und komplizierte Auseinandersetzungen,” in Medienimpulse. Beiträge zur Medienpädagogik 24(2), with Scheibelhofer, Paul (2016), "Chancengleichheit und Leistungsmotiv in der Bildungspolitik: Die Debatten um die Gesamtschule am Beispiel Luxemburgs," in Austrian Journal of Political Science, together with Andreas Hadjar (2016), "Educating future citizens in between Mischkultur nationalism and authorities: traces from teacher journals," in History of Education, with Matias Gardin & Ragnhild Barbu (2015), and "Bildungspolitische Theorieeffekte und ihre Komplizenschaft mit Ungleichheiten," in Pierre Bourdieu und Jacques Rancière. Emanzipatorische Praxis denken, eds. Kastner & Sonderegger (Turia + Kant, 2014).

Barbara Rothmüller's most recent book publications include Bildung – Beruf – Profession. Einführung für Studierende [Education - Occupation - Profession: Introduction for Students], co-authored with Franz Wagner (tredition, 2017); Bildungstheorie und Machtkritik [Educational Theory and Critique of Power], co-edited with Markus Rieger-Ladich (forthcoming);  Legitimität. Gesellschaftliche, politische und wissenschaftliche Bruchlinien der Rechtfertigung [Legitimation: Social, Political and Scientific Faultlines of Justification], co-edited with  Maria Dammayr and Doris Graß (transcript, 2015); Chancen verteilen. Ansprüche und Praxis universitärer Zulassungsverfahren [Distributing Opportunities: Demands and Practices of Higher Education Admissions Procedures] (Löcker, 2011). 

For more information on Dr. Rothmüller's research and publications, please see her personal website.