Dipl. Soz. Izabela Korbiel

Adjunct Faculty in Sociology




Courses Taught:

Sociology: Social Movements

Background and Facts

Dipl. Soz. Izabela Korbiel is a research assistant, doctoral candidate and member of the Media Governance and Industries Research Lab at the University of Vienna’s Department of Communication. She is currently completing a case study-based doctoral project on media coverage surrounding suicide in times of economic crisis. More generally, her work focuses on content governance and ethics. 

Izabela previously studied sociology and economics at the University of Cologne, where she completed her Diploma thesis on political trust in old and new European democracies, and worked on the project "Evaluation of Teaching Quality" at the Faculty for Social Science and Business Administration. During her studies, she received a scholarship to continue her studies in sociology at Utrecht University.

Afterwards, Izabela worked at the University of Bamberg on the project “SCIP: Causes and Consequences of Socio-Cultural Integration Processes among New Immigrants in Europe.” In 2015, Izabela received a PhD scholarship at the University of Vienna to conduct fieldwork in Greece, Bulgaria and Spain. She also successfully completed the 2016 Annenberg- Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute at the Oxford University.

Izabela is certified trainer in European Career Development PIPERS project and has served as commentary co-editor of the International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics since 2016. She is currently conducting research in two European projects, the “Open Learning Initiative” (OLIve) and “The Importance of Appearances: How Suspects and Accused Persons are Presented in the Courtroom, in Public and in the Media” (SIR).