WVPU Policy on course and credit overloads

Effective 1 October 2019


The policy herein describes the process to request an academic overload.

An academic overload is a quantity of courses or US credits or ECTS in excess of the maximum limits defined below. Overloads are exceptions. Approval is not guaranteed.

The maximum limit for Undergraduate students (BA, BSc) is six courses in any single semester not to exceed 36 ECTS or 18 US credit hours, or 4 concurrent term classes.

The maximum limit for graduate students is (MA, MSc, MBA) is 4 term-length courses plus one semester length course in any single semester not to exceed 37.5 ECTS or 15 US credit hours, or more than two term-length courses concurrently.


Students requesting an academic overload in any given semester must receive written approval from the Office of the Director before registering and must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must be in ‘good’ academic standing and have a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than 3.0 at the time of the request;
  2. The student must have no administrative, academic, or financial holds at the time of the request;
  3. The student must have no outstanding Incompletes (I) in their academic record;
  4. The student must submit letters of support from both the department head (1st major) and faculty adviser.
  5. The student must provide a letter of explanation identifying the courses considered as overload.

Students requesting academic overload should complete the Overload Request Form and email it to the Academic Service Office (Maida.Kojic-McAndrew@webster.ac.at) using their @webster.edu email address by Friday of week 6 of the fall and spring semesters with the subject line: “Overload Request: Last name/student ID/semester-year” (e.g. Overload Request: Smith/1234567/Fall-2020).

An overload review committee consisting of the Director, Associate Director, and a departmental representative of the student's first major will review applications and the Academic Services Office will provide the student, adviser, and department with the decision by email (for students at their @webster.edu email address only) no later than the Friday of week eight of the fall and spring semesters respectively.

For Webster University policy and guidance on course load matters see the most recent version of the undergraduate (U) and graduate (G) catalogs respectively.

In accordance with local accreditation laws and requirements, all WVPU specific policies have statutory authority.