Course Syllabus

Please send your syllabus to the Academic Services Office by the specified date indicated on your teaching contract and make sure to distribute it to your students on the first day of class. It is necessary to discuss the syllabus with your students. Please do that! In the American post-secondary educational system, the syllabus is the contract between the instructor and the students. It is crucial that you “walk” your students through the syllabus and let them ask questions, request explanations, etc.

To prepare your syllabus, you will need to access the appropriate Webster Vienna Private University standardized Syllabus Template for your assigned course which includes the course description for your course, university polices and explains the essential components that should be included in your course syllabus. Please click on the link below to access the syllabi templates alphabetized by course code.

If you are teaching a topic course that is not already on our on-line list of customized course syllabi, please submit a one paragraph (>300 words) and a list of learning outcomes to your department head for approval and prepare your course syllabus accordingly by using the
Standard Course Syllabus Template.

For further guidance with preparing your syllabus, please contact your department head or refer to the following book recommended by The Webster University, St. Louis Faculty Development Committee:

“The course syllabus: a learning-centered approach” by Judith Grunert O’Brien, Barbara J. Millis, Margaret W. Cohen.