2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Summer 2017

May 22 Summer Term begins
May 25 Public holiday
June 2 Summer Term drop deadline
June 5 Public holiday
June 15 Public holiday
June 30 Summer Term withdrawal deadline
July 14 Summer Term ends
July 21 Summer Term final grades submitted


Fall 2017

August 21 Fall I Term and Fall Semester begin
September 1 Fall I Term drop deadline
October 13 Fall I Term ends
October 16-20 Break Week
October 22 Fall I Term final grades submitted
October 23 Fall II Term begins
October 26 Public Holiday
November 1 Public Holiday
November 3 Fall II Term drop deadline
December 1 Fall II Term withdrawal deadline
December 8 Fall Semester ends
December 8 Public Holiday
December 15 Fall II Term ends
December 31 Fall II Term final grades submitted


Spring 2018

January 15 Spring Term I and Spring Semester begin
January 26 Spring Term I drop deadline
February 23 Spring Term I withdrawal deadline
March 9 Spring Term I ends
March 12-16 Break Week
March 16 Spring Term I final grades submitted
March 19 Spring Term II begins
March 30 Spring Term II drop deadline
April 2 Public Holiday
April 27 Spring Term II withdrawal deadline
May 1 Public Holiday
May 4 Spring Semester ends
May 10 Public Holiday
May 11 Spring Term II ends
May 18 Spring Term II final grades submitted