Webster Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Entrepreneurship Expert Talks & Events

Summer 2017


“Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting: When is this the right way of funding your business idea?”

Monday, 29th May | 14:00-15:00 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mr. Daniel Horak
Function: Managing Partner
Company: CONDA

“Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship”

Wednesday, 31st May | 13:00-14:00 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Ms. Andra Slaats
Function: Founder
Company: younited cultures

"Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding in Austria"

Thursday, 1st June | 18:30-20:00 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Dr. Reinhard Willfort
Function: CEO
Company: Innovation Service Network GmbH

"Global economic outlook – Information for entrepreneurs"

Tuesday, 6th June | 18:15-19:30 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Dr. Daniel Thorniley
Function: President
Company: DT-Global Business Consulting GmbH

"Entrepreneurship and the internet of things"

Thursday, 8th June | 18:15-19:30 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mr. Michael Klemen
Function: CEO
Company: Internet of Things 40 Systems GmbH

"Growing a new business in a highly competitive industry”

Monday, 12th June 2017 | 12:30-13:30 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mr. Julian Juen
Function: Founder and CEO
Company: Kaahee


Tuesday, 13th June | 17:00-18:00 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mag. Margit Bruck-Friedrich
Company: Austrian Ministry of Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

“Lean Startup Method”

Wednesday, 14th June | 13:45-14:45 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Daniel Harari
Function: Co-founder of Emarsys and Winecrafts
Company: Daniel Harari Consulting

"Entrepreneurship @ Silicon Valley vs. Entrepreneurship @ Austria"

Tuesday, 20th June | 16:45-18:00 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mr. Andreas Gnesda
Function: President
Company: Österreichischer Gewerbeverein (Austrian Association of Entrepreneurs)

"What makes an entrepreneur?"

Thursday, 22nd June | 18:15-19:30 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mag. Sören Buschmann
Function: Partner
Company: BDO Austria

"Austria´s hidden entrepreneurship champions"

Thursday, 29th June | 18:15-20:00 (room 1.14)
Guest Speaker: Mag. Christoph Neumayer
Function: General Secretary
Company: Vereinigung österreichischer Industrieller (Association of Austrian Industries)

Open to all Webster students! If you are not registered for the Entrepreneurship Summer classes (MNGT 3700, MNGT 3730) please RSVP to bm.dept@webster.ac.at to provide enough seats.