Visa & Residency Permit 

If you are a student from outside the European Union (EU) and the EEA, also referred to as third country nationals, you must apply for and receive a student permit i.e. “resident permit student” before you come to Austria to commence your course of studies. Exceptions apply for citizens of states who can enter Austria visa-free, who can apply in Austria. You can find a complete list of all countries and their classifications on the OeAD Website.

If you have been in the country with any other visa such as “C” or “D” or under a Diplomatic status that is expiring, then you will need to file a first time student visa application.

Please also be aware that Student Visas take time to be processed, therefore apply as soon as possible after acceptance to Webster University:

  • General visa processing time takes approximately 3 months from the point of submission of your visa application to the authorities.
  • For certain countries, the visa processing time can take up to 12 months from the point of submission. If you are a citizen of any African country, India, Pakistan or Egypt, please apply for the Fall 1 (August) term of next year since it is quite unlikely that you will be receiving your visa before that time.

If you are under 18, you must have a legal guardian currently legally residing in Austria to sign for you. The letter of legal guardianship has to mention the appointed legal guardian in Austria, must be certified by a public notary, and mention a power of attorney for the legal guardian in terms of care and education in all legal circumstances while the student is in Austria until the age of 18. (German: 'Mit der Beträuung der Pflege und Erziehung sowie der Bevollmächtigung in aufenthaltsrechtilichen Belangen').

For detailed information about visas and residency permits for studying in Austria, please also visit the OeAD Website.

Visa Renewals

The application for an extension of a residence permit must be submitted in person with the competent Austrian immigration authorities, at the latest one month prior to expiration of the old residence permit, but no earlier than three months prior to its expiration. Residing in Austria remains legal during the period in which the decision regarding the extension application is made. This also applies if the previous residence permit has already expired. After expiration of the old residence permit, however, travel to other Schengen states is prohibited.

Below are the documents needed for an extension of your “Residence Permit Student”:

Confirmation of registration/confirmation of permanent residence for EEA*) and Swiss nationals (Anmeldebescheinigung)

The confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) is a document confirming the residence title of EEA and Swiss nationals who moved to Austria after 1 January 2006. EEA and Swiss nationals who have just registered at their first address in Austria (residence registration form/Meldezettel) and intend to stay in the country for more than three (3) months have to apply in person for a confirmation of registration at Municipal Department 35 within four (4) months after their arrival in Austria.

Please note that it constitutes an administrative offence punishable with a fine if you do not apply for a confirmation of registration on time. The confirmation of permanent residence (Bescheinigung des Daueraufenthalts) is a document confirming the right to permanent residence in Austria for EEA and Swiss nationals after five (5) years of legal and continuous residence in Austria. It is issued upon application.

If you have further questions after reviewing the different links on this website, please contact Student Services at

Please note: Webster Vienna Private University is not legally in a position to give any immigration advise on applying for a visa. If you need further information, please direct your inquiries to the Austrian Consulate or the Austrian Embassy that serves your region.