U.S. Financial Aid

American citizens and green card holders

American citizens and green card holders may be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the US Government (student loans, Pell Grants, etc.). Most financial aid programs associated with American colleges and universities are restricted to U.S. citizens. Others are restricted for use only in the United States.

Applications for students who are applying for US Federal Aid at Webster Vienna are coordinated through our Finance Office.

In order to qualify for US Federal Aid at Webster University, students must first be accepted for admission to Webster University.

US Financial Aid applications are available each January for the following academic year and should be completed in time for the award to be granted prior to start of university attendance.

New students

should apply well in advance for their Financial Aid before starting their studies by completing and submitting the following documents to Webster Vienna's Finance Office:

  1. Webster University Financial Aid application (UG or GR)
  2. FAFSA
  3. Master Promissory Note (see indication on Webster Financial Aid application)
  4. Loan Entrance Counseling

If the student or parent is applying for additional PLUS Loan (undergraduates for the Parent PLUS, graduates for the GR PLUS) :

  1. Webster PLUS application
  2. To apply for a Federal Direct PLUS, the parent borrower must obtain an approval at www.studentloans.gov
  3. Further documents are to be provided upon request.

Current students

To ensure continuous coverage of US Financial Aid, a student already on US Financial Aid has to renew the application each academic year. Renewal applications should be submitted in spring of the current academic year for the next academic year.

Apply now for the renewal for the next academic year (early spring) and submit all documentation as indicated above (i.e. scan and email).

General instructions:
Students should scan and email the original individual award letter to our Finance Office. Students on US Federal Aid are required to register for an entire semester in order to qualify for the disbursement per semester.

Please be aware that registration should be completed during the registration period to ensure timely disbursement on a semester basis. Completed original registration forms are to be submitted to the Finance Officer for signature prior to registration entry to make certain that courses match the credit hours indicated in the award letter. Students need to keep a copy of all submitted financial aid documents.

Please find information about interest rates.


Webster University programs are approved for veterans' educational benefits.

  1. The student has to apply in order to receive the eligibility allowance
  2. The letter (scanned) of the eligibility allowance has to be emailed to our Finance & Financial Aid Officer Ms. Starlinger - Mazelle
  3. Upon registration for courses, Webster University forwards enrollment information directly to the VA Office
  4. The tuition benefit will then be disbursed on a term basis and credited to the student account

Please be aware that no benefit can be awarded until Webster Vienna's Finance Office receives the above mentioned information.

For additional information, see:

Department of Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits 

Military Tuition Assistance

GI Bill