Tax Return Information

Tax Return / Sponsorship Information

Tax Return

In many countries are educational expenses tax deductible. Therefore, parents and student tax payers should check with their tax advisor in their country if they can claim (part of) the educational expenses on their yearly tax return.

Austrian citizens
Students employed full-time may deduct educational expenses (Weiterbildung/Ausbildung/Umschulung) from their taxes if they can demonstrate that their coursework is necessary for their employment or is part of the training for a new career. The amount refunded by the tax authorities in Austria depends on the student’s income.

Employers can also obtain tax benefits by sponsoring an employee's studies at Webster (In Austria: Bildungsfreibetrag 4 Abs.4 Z.8 EstG 1988)


Organizations or individuals who sponsor a student's education at Webster should submit a statement of financial responsibility before the student begins their studies at Webster Vienna.

The statement should be on company letterhead with an official stamp and signature. The letter must include:

  • the duration of the sponsorship (i.e the duration of the degree, for a certain academic year, etc.)
  • the amount of sponsorship if the scholarship is restricted to a certain amount
  • the contact information
  • the billing address

Webster Vienna bills the sponsor directly and provides invoices on a term/semester basis which can be used for tax purposes.

Employer Reimbursement

Parents employed at international organizations such as UN, UNIDO, IAEA, CTBTO etc. can approach their employer for reimbursement eligibility of educational expenses. Certificates of Costs and Attendance are provided upon request earliest after completion of an academic year (Summer to Spring 2).

For general information and eligibility requirements concerning federal aid and tax information, please contact our Senior Finance & Financial Aid Officer Ms. Carina Starlinger - Mazelle.