Study Abroad

Opening a World of Opportunities

Grab the opportunity to study abroad at any Webster University campus; Vienna-Austria, Geneva-Switzerland, Leiden-Netherlands, St. Louis, MO-USA, Bangkok, Cha-am-Thailand, Ghana, Africa or Shanghai, Beijing-China.

To get a closer glimpse at student life on our global campuses, follow our Instagram. MyWebsterU documents the life of a student from a different international campus each week.  Also, check out our Webster Study Abroad Youtube page where students who have already gone abroad describe their experience and offer tips on how to maximize yours!

For more information about studying abroad, please turn to the Study Abroad website of our home campus in St. Louis.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in studying abroad at any of our Webster's campuses, please meet with your advisor and fill out the Study Abroad Site transfer Form. Your advisor will help you register for courses, fax your site transfer form and your registration to the campus of your choice from where you will receive further instructions and supplements on how to apply for your visa, housing and airport pick up service.

Please note that once you study abroad at another campus you must register for classes and pay Vienna tuition as follows:

  • UG: for the duration of 5 terms (or 6 if the 6th term is Fall II or Spring II of an Academic Year)
  • G: for the duration of 2 terms (or 3 if the 3rd term is Fall II or Spring II of an Academic Year)
  • Other fees (material or lab fees) are to be paid at the campus of attendance, during the indicated period.

NB: Students whose home campus is Webster Vienna:

You are eligible for an Austrian accredited Webster Bachelor diploma if you fulfill EITHER of the following:

  1. Complete 30 or the last 36 credits at the Vienna campus OR
  2. Complete 30 of their last 42 credits at the Vienna campus, AND at least half of the Bachelor degree credits overall (64) on the Vienna campus.

Webster World Travel Program

If you have studied successfully at Webster University for one term i.e. successfully completed a minimum of 15 credit hours at the undergraduate level or a minimum of 9 credit hours at the graduate level, you also qualify for one free round-trip coach-class ticket from your home campus to another eligible Webster international site through the Webster World Traveler Program (WWTP).

For students who are enrolled at a European campus, eligible travel includes Webster campuses in the United States, Thailand, or China (NOTA BENE: not all programs are available at all campuses). Applications for the WWTP at the Webster Vienna campus are available at Student Services

The purpose of this award is to provide roundtrip airfares to degree-seeking students at Webster University wishing to study abroad and return to their home campus to complete their degrees. This award is not applicable to students wishing to apply for a permanent transfer (stay at another campus permanently). If you decide to site-transfer while abroad, you will be responsible for reimbursing Webster the cost of the airline ticket. The travel dates are arranged by Webster University based on arrival/departure dates issued by receiving campuses.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Acceptance into a Webster University program at an international location other than the student’s home campus.
  • Undergraduate student: successful completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours at Webster University at time of travel.
  • Graduate student: successful completion of a minimum of 9 credit hours at Webster University at time of travel.
  • Good academic, social and financial standing.
  • Student may not have previously received the Freshmen Fly Free ticket or an Off-Campus Study Abroad Award.
  • While students should meet the minimum eligibility requirements, this does not guarantee the award.

Conditions of the Award:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of one eight-week term (six credits) abroad as a full time student.
  • Remain enrolled as a full-time student in good standing while abroad in accordance with Webster University policy and local immigration law.
  • Complete a minimum of 30 additional credit hours at Webster University, which may include credits earned while abroad or completion of the degree program at Webster University having earned at least 45 credit hours at the University.
  • Complete a minimum of 30 additional credit hours at Webster University, which may include credits earned while abroad or completion of the degree program at Webster University.
  • Successfully fulfill the service obligation to be determined in consultation with the OSA and/or Student Services.
  • Noncompliance with the conditions of the award may result in revocation of the award.  If a student withdraws early, does not successfully complete the term abroad with Webster University or fails to complete the additional credits as required by the University, the cost of the airline ticket will be posted to his/her student account.
  • If the student decides to change the ticket once it has been booked, the student is financially responsible for any change fee and re-booking. Students will be booked on flights with other study abroad students to ensure timely arrival and travel support from the local campus.  Special travel requests may be considered, but are not guaranteed.
  • Student must have an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) prior to the ticket being released to the student.
  • Students are responsible for filing a visa application if needed in a timely manner.

If you qualify for a free ticket through the Webster World Travel Program (WWTP) please pick up an application form at Student Services ( after having completed the site transfer application process with your advisor.

Deadlines for Application:

  • Fall semester-March 15th,
  • Spring semester-September 15th,
  • Summer-February 15th