Student Testimonials

Career Development Center

  • Melanie Smith
    MBA 2014

    I really enjoyed the career photo day on campus. It is very important for not only a graduate but also for a student to have professional well done application pictures. The reason is that first visual impressions still count a lot when applying for a job in Austria. Thus, it is a great way for Webster to support their students with offering a career photo day. I can only recommend to students to take this opportunity.


  • Anda Radu
    Master of Arts in International Relations

    The events that the Career Development Center organizes represent excellent opportunities to gain direct contact with various stakeholders relevant to our professional development. For instance, I attended a webinar with a World Bank recruitement representative that broadcasted directly from Washington, Mr. Amorosino. Three other Webster campuses also attended. What I particularly liked about this experience was that we have been provided clear and concise information, as well as some useful insights, all of which are not ready available on the internet or it is hard to distinguish relevant from irrelevant material. In addition, Mr. Amorosino was very approachable and ready to answer our questions.

  • Saralilian Ravantabe
    Bachelor of Arts in Management 2008, MBA 2011

    I am very thankful to Webster University Vienna for providing such a great platform called Webster Vienna Career Services. I would like to mention that Webster Vienna Career services played an enormous role in helping me obtain my current position at HIAS, RSC Vienna. This has happened not only by providing essential tips for my CV and Cover letter, but also by consistently providing essential tools to reach my goals.

    Webster University Vienna taught me professionalism within international and multicultural organizations, and I believe these will always remain a great asset for me. Moreover, I learnt how to present myself and how to conduct various presentations. As a result, I was able to participate in “Dialogue among Civilization” project and got the opportunity to work with various artists and professionals from very different backgrounds from all over the world.

    Beside the actual education, Webster taught me how to deal with diversity issues and how to manage and solve inter organizational conflicts. This ideology and respect toward other cultures and minorities led me toward my current job and encouraged me to work in this field.


  • Dennis Heumann

    BA in International Relations, BS in Business Administration '16

    Originally visiting the CDC for help with another application, they set up a contact for me with a former alumni who was working at an executive search consulting company. After sending him my CV (which I put together with the help of the CDC), I was invited for an interview and ultimately got a part-time job as a Research Assistant. Thank you for this great opportunity!

  • Bendeguz

    Bendeguz Gabossy

    MA '15, International Relations

    I am really thankful to Webster University Vienna's Career Development Center for helping me to start my career already during my studies. I told them my plans, interests and they had so many ideas and possibilities for a future internship or full time job. Then, after summer break, I came back to the CDC and they had found something really interesting for me. Moreover, apart from offering me the chance to apply to this company, they were also happy to organize a Mock Interview before my real interview and teach me how to pass successfully the job interview. Finally I got the job, so I highly recommend everyone to go to the CDC and inquire about possible internship opportunities or vacancies. I believe that there is no better way to get a boost in landing your dream job.

  • Ksenia Kozyrina

    MA in International Relations ’14

    The Webster Vienna Career Development Center was a great help to me when, after finishing my Master's in International Relations, I decided to apply for a job in the field of strategy consulting. The CDC did not only provide me with valuable recommendations on the application procedures, which are rather complicated, but also, and most importantly, brought me in touch with Webster Alumni working in this sector. It was a great and unique opportunity to talk to these professionals and to get their inside knowledge about working in this sphere. 

  • Henrietta Pikovski, MA in Counseling Psychology '14

    on her internship experience in Organizational Psychology at vieconsult

    Being an English-speaking psychology student in Vienna, with an interest in Organizational psychology, I am very grateful to the Career Development Center for helping me find an interesting internship. The internship at vieconsult brought me insights into organizational research and organizational consulting. The international environment was perfect for me and I very much enjoyed working for some of Austria's leading companies. After my theoretical knowledge from Webster University, I was pleased to receive a practical experience during my internship. I developed skills in projects where I worked with empirical survey instruments, participated in customer-related meetings, and took part in workshops. At vieconsult, I worked in an inspiring environment with a great team of positive and highly competent professionals. By the end of the internship, I was offered to continue working as an employee which was the beginning of my career.

  • Soňa Kľučárová, BSBA '11, MBA '13

    on the 'Meet and Greet the General Manager at Hilton' event

    The ‘Meet & Greet’ with the Country General Manager of Hilton Vienna was undoubtedly the best career event I have ever attended. Mr. Lessing as well as other Hilton managers who attended the event were all very down-to-earth and genuinely interested in our future career goals. The personal stories they shared with us were indeed inspiring and encouraging. I am certain that all of us who attended this special event will sooner or later benefit from the unique networking opportunities created during this event.

  • Hannah Urbanek

    Hannah Urbanek, Marketing & Media Communications ‘14

    on the Mock Interview Session with Mr. Jason Emmons, International Risk Partner, Deloitte

    The mock interview session with Jason Emmons was a great experience for me. Not only did I get helpful feedback on my interview skills, but I also had the chance to get valuable tips on applying for positions and networking in general. Since I will be graduating in Fall, I now feel much more prepared for what to expect and what will be expected from me in my upcoming interviews. I would recommend this opportunity to everyone who is planning on succeeding in the professional world and especially for all juniors and seniors at Webster.

  • Kylie Carlson, MA student

    Kylie Carlson, MA student, Major Marketing & International Business

    on the Deloitte Career Lunch in Dec, 2013

    The Deloitte Career Lunch with Managing Partner Jason Emmons, organized by the Career Development Center, was an excellent experience for us students. Mr. Emmons gave some great tips on networking, putting yourself out there and staying motivated while trying to find professional opportunities. When I was chosen for the opportunity to have a mock interview with him, I was given excellent one-on-one advice and coaching that will really benefit me in the coming months. As a soon-to-be master’s graduate, this experience was very valuable because I feel like it put me in the mindset for success in my job search. It also helped me realize my potential and the areas I could develop more.

  • Leonie Mareen Pheiffer, BA student, Major Management

    on Webster's Global Internship Experience abroad during Jun-Aug, 2013

    In today’s increasingly globalized world, being able to live and work in a foreign country as part of business education is a great opportunity. By making this experience possible and supporting me in every possible way, the Global Internship Experience in St. Louis, Missouri, in corporation with the Career Development Center in Vienna, has provided me with a competitive edge for my professional future!

  • Assel Serikbayeva, MA '13, International Relations

    Assel Serikbayeva, MA '13, International Relations

    on Webster's Internship Opportunity for Graduate IR students at OPEC during Nov-Dec, 2012

    My Webster internship at the OPEC PR & Information Department has proven to be an invaluable experience for me. It gave me an insight to organizational structure and internal processes of one of the most prominent intergovernmental organizations from its very core. Working with the experienced team of editors gave me an opportunity to develop my writing skills and to understand the practice of creating a publication from scratch. I published two articles at the OPEC Bulletin. One of the highlights of my internship was definitely the OPEC Ministerial Conference: understanding of the political nature of the organization gave me a good foundation for recognizing the complexity of the IR field. My internship was not only a professional but also a human experience. OPEC has a melting pot-like working environment where I found great friends and important networking contacts. Adding this all up makes me conclude that the OPEC internship is undoubtedly a rewarding undertaking!

  • Margarita Yonova, BSc/BA 2012 (Marketing/Business Administration)

    Group Remuneration & Organizational Effectiveness, Erste Group Bank AG

    Webster University’s multicultural environment taught me to be open-minded, flexible, active, and a team player. I met a lot of colleagues with different backgrounds, coming from different cultures, and we had one common desire – for more knowledge. We had incredible and nice atmosphere during classes and in the whole study process. The professors are highly qualified with business background and unique professional experience. Thus, the content of the class material is presented in the most effective way. The lectures are more practical and less theoretical, which fits perfectly the requirements of the business world. Webster offers classes with flexible schedule, which allowed me to make my own decisions on how to arrange my studies. In this way, I was also able to do internships along with my regular classes and exams.

    Webster takes care of the development of its students even after their graduation. Through Webster’s Career Development Center, I learned about the great opportunity to do an internship at Erste Group Bank. The end of my internship there was just the beginning. It was the beginning of a job, which was everything I ever wanted out of my work life - working in an international environment, on challenging projects, within an amazing team of highly professional and positive colleagues.

    Webster goes beyond education – it is the experience you need for an effective start of your career development.

  • Matthew Homan

    Matthew Homan, BA ’12, Major Management

    Internship in the Organization & Internal Control Systems Department, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

    My experience working outside of the classroom on projects similar to those I worked on in Webster has made the transition to the corporate environment much easier. Not only am I able to apply concepts I have learned in my business classes day-to-day, I am also able to network with other professionals and begin to establish my post-university life as well as begin building a career for myself. Through Webster, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get an internship and would recommend that all students take advantage of the Career Development Center to get started in the business and corporate world.

  • Oleksandra Zinchenko, MBA ‘11 in Finance

    Budget Assistant at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

    I am very grateful to Webster University Vienna for offering career services through the Career Development Center. It is a great opportunity for students to have a platform where they can pursue their careers. In addition to the wide variety of internships and jobs the CDC offers students can participate in many interesting seminars and workshops. During such events students get an exclusive chance to broaden their network and to promote themselves.