Student Enrollment Status


A student may add or drop a course by filling out an official Add or Drop Slip provided by their student adviser prior to the drop/add deadline, which is the second Friday of the term. Informing the course instructor is not sufficient notice for adding or dropping a course. Students must seek permission from their student adviser.

A student may add a course within six calendar days of the first officially scheduled class meeting of the course section (i.e., before the course has met a second time). In these circumstances, absence from one class meeting is permitted.

The drop or add procedures must also be followed when a student changes from one section of a course to another section. A change from one section to another must occur during the drop/add period. Changing a section without following these procedures may result in no credit being awarded.


A student may withdraw from a course by filing a Withdrawal Petition with his/her student adviser prior to the Friday of the sixth week of the term. A grade of W will be recorded  on the transcript, which does not affect the student’s GPA. A student who is on academic probation may not withdraw from a course.

Course Requirement Waiver

Under special circumstances, a student can request permission to attend a course without completion of prerequisite(s). A Course Requirement Waiver Form should be taken to the instructor and head of department and returned to the student adviser. Registration is not possible before the signed permission has been received.