Stefka Christodulova, MA

Group HR Development & Recruiting
Erste Group Bank AG
MA '02 Marketing

"Coming from Bulgaria and having an American education with experience in American and international companies gave me a profile that greatly fit into the fast growing and internationally expanding Erste Bank - one of the leading financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. I started working there five years ago in the CEE Coordination department of the Strategic Group Development Division dealing with mergers and acquisitions in CEE. I then moved to the Group HR Development and Recruiting where I mainly work with strategic alignment of HR Development activities like leadership development and talent management across Erste Bank Group. Like many international companies in the region, Erste Bank went through a dramatic growth process from a very small local company to a big regional player. This creates an environment of constant change.

My international education in the U.S. and at Webster Vienna helps me enormously to deal successfully with these challenges and to build continuously on my international career."