Saralilian Ravantabe

Bachelor of Arts in Management 2008, MBA 2011

I am very thankful to Webster University Vienna for providing such a great platform called Webster Vienna Career Services. I would like to mention that Webster Vienna Career services played an enormous role in helping me obtain my current position at HIAS, RSC Vienna. This has happened not only by providing essential tips for my CV and Cover letter, but also by consistently providing essential tools to reach my goals.

Webster University Vienna taught me professionalism within international and multicultural organizations, and I believe these will always remain a great asset for me. Moreover, I learnt how to present myself and how to conduct various presentations. As a result, I was able to participate in “Dialogue among Civilization” project and got the opportunity to work with various artists and professionals from very different backgrounds from all over the world.

Beside the actual education, Webster taught me how to deal with diversity issues and how to manage and solve inter organizational conflicts. This ideology and respect toward other cultures and minorities led me toward my current job and encouraged me to work in this field.