Residence Permit Renewal

The application for an extension of a residence permit must be submitted in person with the competent Austrian immigration authorities. This can be done:

  • No earlier than three months prior to expiration of the current residence permit
  • And latest on the day of its expiration; however, it is highly recommended to submit the renewal application at least one month prior to expiration of the current residence permit.

Residing in Austria remains legal during the period in which the decision regarding the extension application is made. This also applies if, while the applicant is waiting for the outcome of the renewal application, the previous residence permit has already expired. After expiration of the old residence permit, however, travel to other Schengen states is prohibited.

How to start the application process:

For detailed information and document checklist please refer to the OEAD website.

Please thoroughly read the information provided before submitting your application.

Application form and completion assistant can be found here:

Application form residence permit student

Completion assistant application form residence permit student

In case you have further questions:

If you have read the information provided above as well as consulted the recommended website and have further questions please contact Student Services at
Please note: Webster Vienna Private University is not able to give legal immigration advice or represent students as a third party. We cannot enquire or intervene on your behalf at the Austrian authorities. The outcome of visa/residency permit applications is the decision of the Austrian authorities alone.

If you need professional legal assistance obtaining or renewing an Austrian visa or residency permit, please consult one of the following legal professionals.