Research at Webster Vienna

May 2019

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  • Business and Management Research News

    The business and management department welcomed Dr. Ronald Hochreiter, Associate Professor of Finance, to Webster Vienna in early March. Dr. Hochreiter completed his Habilitation in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics & Business five years ago, but earned his PhD in Business Informatics from the University of Vienna in 2005. Dr. Hochreiter has written extensively on a variety of research topics related to his studies, from finance to data mining, and over the years has taught courses on data analytics, quantitative and qualitative methods, hedge funds, and management. We sat down with Dr. Hochreiter recently to welcome him to Webster and to discuss his background in academia, his recent research pursuits, and his plans for the future at Webster.

  • International Relations Research News

    “Spatiality in Post-Conflict Settings of Mitrovica” Prof. Bátora's Research Findings Presented

    The main findings of the paper, titled "Spaces and Institutional Logics in Post-Conflict Settings of Mitrovica" co-authored by Webster Vienna’s International Relation faculty member Prof. Jozef Bátora was presented to participants of the International Studies Association Convention in Toronto on March 28, 2019.

  • Media Communications Research News

    Recently Dr. Bradley E. Wiggins, associate professor and head of the Department of Media Communications, was contacted by a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia to have Dr. Wiggins serve as an external examiner of a PhD dissertation.

  • Psychology Research News

    “Smiling - a behavioural gate to cooperative negotiations?” 

    Can we predict interactive styles and outcomes of face-to-face negotiations by simply looking at how people smile? Previous research suggests that smiling contributes to the formation of cooperative relationships as it may reliably disclose prosocial dispositions and positive interactive style.