Research at Webster Vienna

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  • Dr. Maria Teresa Punzi (center, front row) pictured in 2017 with representatives from SEACEN Member Economies

    Business and Management Research News

    Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Maria Teresa Punzi launches monetary policy research project at invitation of SEACEN Research and Training Centre. .

  • International Relations Research News

    A New Research Agenda on Energy Security

    When asked about the main concerns of energy ministers, the then director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Maria van der Hoeven, replied, “It’s always about energy security. Always. ... For exporting countries it’s about security of demand, for importing countries about security of supply”. But scholars have struggled with energy security as a concept – how do different policy-makers understand and is this because they face different threats or because they have different values?

  • Media Communications Research News

    Recently, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bradley E Wiggins, Department Head of Media Communications, Webster Vienna Private University, published his article on "Memes and the media narrative - The Nike-Kaepernick controversy". This article presents the results of a critical discourse analysis of internet memes.


  • Psychology Research News

    The Psychology Department Head, Dr. Peter Walla, had one of his articles published in the Brain Sciences Journal

    In cooperation with the Centre for Translational Neuroscience and Mental Health Research (University of Newcastle - Australia) and with the Sydney Medical School (University of Sydney - Australia), Dr. Peter Walla had again of his articles published in a Neuroscience Journal (Brain Sciences).

    Do EEG and Startle Reflex Modulation Vary with Self-Reported Aggression in Response to Violent Images?