Research at Webster Vienna

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  • Business and Management Research News

    Recently, Dr. Hochreiter co-authored an article in the Journal Frontiers in Medicine. The study, “The Supply of Rheumatology Specialist Care in Real Life. Results of a Nationwide Survey and Analysis of Supply and Needs,” looked at the current supply of rheumatologists in Austria to determine if existing supply is meeting patient demand.

  • International Relations Research News

    European foreign policy and EU-China relations are part of the research of Dr. Franco Algieri, Associate Professor and Head of the IR Department at WVPU. His article “Die Gemeinsame Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik als Spiegelbild eines Integrationsprozesses im Wandel” (The Common Foreign and Security Policy as a reflection of a changing integration process) has been published in a comprehensive edited volume on the European Union, which reflects the current state on European integration research.

  • Media Communications Research News

    Associate Professor and Department Head of Media Communications, Dr. Wiggins was recently invited to submit a revision to an article for New Media & Society, currently ranked as the top journal in the field of media and communication, with an impact factor at 4.8. Moreover, Dr. Wiggins' full paper submission to the competitive European Communication Conference, administered by ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) has been accepted for presentation at the conference to be held in Braga, Portugal from October 2-5, 2020.

  • Psychology Research News

    Among competitive sports, psychological and team-related factors play an important role in achieving successful outcomes. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of mental toughness (MT), competitive anxiety (CA), team cohesion (TC), in rugby performance. Participants were 39 female athletes competing at the 2019 Austrian Women’s 7s Series Championship Tournament.