Policy Papers - International Relations

The list below gives the references of policy papers authored or co-authored by Webster Vienna Private University professors. Our faculty names are in bold.


Brutschin, E., Pollak, J., & Schubert, S. R. (2014). ”The EU and Russian Gas: Is Ukraine a game changer?”, OeGfE Policy Brief, 15'2014.

Brutschin, E, & Pollak, J. (2014). ”The European Commission 2030 framework for climate and energy policies: a step back?”, IHS Standpunkt, 21/2014.



Algieri, F. (2012). “Irrelevant or not? Thoughts on the EU’s strategic partnership with China”, AIES Fokus.

Algieri, F. (2012). “Austria’s perception of Germany. Between admiration and skepticism”, in Möller, A. & Parkes, R. (eds.), Germany as viewed by other EU member states. (EPIN Paper No. 33), pp. 42-44.



Algieri, F. (2010). „Europäische Chinapolitik: Testfall für die Kohärenz der EU-Außenpolitik (European China policy as a test for the coherence of EU foreign policy)“, AIES Fokus 8/2010.