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Since 1980 the Yearbook of European Integration, published by the Institute of European Politics in Berlin, documents and chronicles the European integration process in a contemporary and detailed manner. The result of 37 years of continuous work is a uniquely comprehensive account of European contemporary history, and the 2017 edition continues this tradition.

In about 100 articles the authors trace European political events from the perspective of their research focus and provide information on the work of the European institutions, the development of the individual EU policy areas, Europe’s role in global politics and the member and candidate states’ European policy. This year’s edition contains two contributions by Dr. Franco Algieri, head of the International Relations department, and an article by WVPU director Dr. Johannes Pollak.

In his first article Dr. Algieri discusses the growing importance of Asian partners to the EU and the European Union’s advancing and expanding policy with Asia. While Dr. Pollak's piece focuses on Austria in the European context, Algieri’s second contribution addresses the relationship of the European Union and China against the backdrop of US foreign policy.

The Yearbook of European Integration will be published in German in December 2017.
Werner Weidenfeld and Wolfgang Wessels (eds.), Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2017, Baden-Baden: Nomos 2017.