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The EU as a Segmented Political Order

Webster Vienna IR Professor, Dr. Jozef Bátora, and colleagues present a new book: “Towards a Segmented European Political Order: The European Union’s Post-Crisis Conundrum.”

By Bridget Carter, IR Graduate Student

Last week WVPU International Relations professor Dr. Jozef Bátora and co-editor John Erik Fossum presented their newly published book “Towards a Segmented European Political Order: The European Union’s Post-Crisis Conundrum” published by Routledge. Other chapter contributors included Bent Sofus Tranøy and Espen D.H. Olsen who also presented their research on segmentation and the EU’s post-crisis dilemma.

The EU has become increasingly differentiated with polarizing views on how to solve past, present, and emerging crises. As frequently discussed in both academic and political circles, the future development of the EU remains unclear. This book argues that post-crisis EU is becoming more of a segmented political order with deeply rooted biases and constraints in policymaking. The editors show in ideational and structural terms how EU member states constrain and condition EU action, and how this segmented political order manifests itself in the institutional and constitutional make-up of the EU. Continue reading.


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