Registration and Payment


New Students: During New Student Orientation (NSO) new students will schedule an advising appointment with their Academic Advisor, who will then register the student for classes. Following advising and registration, new students must pay their first semester by the end of week 1. Please be aware that students who do not pay within the first week of the semester will incur late fees. For subsequent semesters, the deadlines for "Current Students" will apply (see below). The housing fee is payable following the deadline for tuition payments.

Current Students: Current students should register for their courses with the Academic Advisor latest by week 8 of each term/semester. After registration, students must pay their tuition for the upcoming semester. Payments for the semester will be accepted until Friday of the break week (week 0) without penalty. Please see different types of payment listed below. The housing fee is payable following the deadline for tuition payments.

Undergraduate/Bachelor Degree Tuition & Fees

Full-time semester undergraduate students have the option to pay the first 50% of the tuition by the regular deadline (prior to the start of Fall I/Spring I term), and the second 50% by the second part of a semester (i.e. prior to the start of Fall II/Spring II term).

Graduate/ Master Degree Tuition & Fees

Late registration and Payment: Payments for registration made after the deadline must include a late fee of EUR 80.- per semester/term. (As of Summer 2018 students will need to pay a fee of  EUR 100.-per semester/term).

To add courses: Add forms should be signed by and submitted to the student’s academic advisor. Graduate and undergraduate summer term students and part time undergraduate students have 5 working days (from the day of add initiation) to pay for the added credit hours. Undergraduate students who change from part-time to full-time status have 5 working days (from the day of add initiation) to pay for the tuition difference.

Sponsorship: Organizations or individuals who are sponsoring a student's education at Webster should submit a statement of financial responsibility before the student begins the studies at Webster Vienna. The statement should include the duration and/or the amount of sponsorship. Webster Vienna will provide sponsors with an invoice which can be used for tax purpose.

Invoices: Invoices confirming payment for tax or other purposes can be provided to students upon request per calendar or academic year. Please contact Ms. Carina Starlinger-Mazelle.


  • ID card replacement fee: EUR 30,-
  • Textbook fines to be determined at the Library
  • Locker key: EUR 70,-

Webster Grants

Webster Vienna introduces 2 grants for students starting a Webster Vienna degree in Fall 2015.

Payment types

Bank Transfer

Please note that ALL bank transfers must indicate the International Bank Account Number (IBAN code), the student's full name, student ID and semester/term. Transfers from a country outside of Austria will need to show the Bank Identifier Code (BIC code) in addition to the IBAN code. Payment sheets are available in the Finance Office, with your advisor, or at reception.

Webster Vienna Private University Connection Information:
Graben 21, 1010 Vienna, Austria

IBAN Code: AT47 2011 1310 0310 1197

Bank instructions/transfers (pdf, 67.6 KB)

Payment must be initiated directly to Webster University before the semester/term deadline. A confirmation (proof of bank transfer) must be sent to the Senior Finance & Financial Aid Officer Ms. Carina Starlinger-Mazelle if the transfer is initiated less than a week before the semester/term deadline.

Direct Debit Order

A Direct Debit Order, or "Abbuchungsauftrag für Lastschriften" in German, should be arranged between the payer and the payer's bank. Please request that your bank sends a copy of the debit order to the Webster Vienna Finance Officer.

Credit Card

American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa are accepted. Credit card charge orders can be made in advance, either per term or per standing order.

To set up this payment option, please download the order form (pdf) and submit it to Ms. Carina Starlinger-Mazelle 

Additional charges may apply to standing credit card charge orders in cases of

  • course load changes
  • registration on the day of deadline
  • registration after the deadline
  • class adds in week one or two of the term.  

The Finance Office must be informed by the student if any  changes mentioned above would occur, otherwise late charges will apply.

Refund Policy

It is the student's responsibility to file the appropriate course Add / Drop or Withdrawal forms. These forms are available with the student’s advisor, and have to be signed by the Academic Advisor. Request for refund forms can be picked up from your advisor or in the Finance Office and must be submitted to the Finance Officer. Refund transfers will be made exclusively to the payer/sender of the relevant payment (unless authorization is provided by the payer for another addressee) with proper bank connection information.

Undergraduate/Graduate students summer term and part time students: Refund transfers will be made only after Week 4 of the summer term.

Undergraduate Fall & Spring semester: Flat-fee tuition (12 - 18 credit hours/semester) refunds are made after a semester and only if drops/withdrawals reduce the credit load below 12 credit hours.

This regulation counts for all types of refunds (i.e. book reimbursements, etc.).

In general, withdrawals within 12 - 18 credit hours (full time per semester) do not change the flat semester fee. For example, if you begin Fall I or Spring I with 18 credits, then withdraw from one 3-hour credit course, you are left with 15 credits. No changes in the flat fee will occur.

However, should you be over 18 credit hours per semester, then you are expected to pay for the extra credit hours on top of the flat semester fee. For example, if you add another course in Fall II or Spring II, you will increase from the original 18 credits to 21 semester credits and thus have to pay for 3 extra credits on top of the semester fee.

Refund Schedule

Please be aware that classes can ONLY be added in Week 1. Classes can be dropped in Week 1 and Week 2. After Week 2, classes can only be withdrawn.


Date 16 week course 8 week course 4 week course
Week 1 100% 100% 100%
Week 2 100% 100% 0%


Date 16 week course 8 week course 4 week course
Week 3 50% 50% 0%
Week 4 50% 25% 0%
Week 5 25% 0%  
Week 6 25% 0%  
Week 7 25% 0%  
Week 8 25% 0%  
Week 9 0% 0%  

Undergraduate Academic Withdrawal Policy: Students may withdraw from courses after the official drop/add period (from WEEK 3 on) up to and including the Friday of the sixth week of an eight-week course and the Friday of the twelfth week of a semester course.

Graduate Academic Withdrawal Policy: Students may withdraw from courses after the official drop/add period (from WEEK 3 on) up to and including the Friday of the sixth week of an eight-week course. Students will receive only a partial refund or no refund at all in accordance with the refund schedule given in the Graduate Studies Catalog, on the Webster Vienna web site, and in the Webster Bulletin.

Online Courses

Students must register with an advisor at Webster Vienna and pay the Vienna tuition rate.

To request reimbursement of expenditures made for text books in an online course, please refer to this form. Please submit the completed form to your advisor for approval after the add/drop period is over.

Vienna Study Abroad students to other Webster campuses

Vienna students attending other Webster campuses register and pay Webster Vienna tuition fees as follows:

  • UG: for the duration of 5 terms (or 6 if the 6th term is Fall II or Spring II of an Academic Year)
  • G: for the duration of 2 terms (or 3 if the 3rd term is Fall II or Spring II of an Academic Year)
  • Other fees (material or lab fees) are to be paid at the campus of attendance, during the indicated period.

To request reimbursement of expenditures made for text books when studying abroad, please refer to this form. Please submit the completed form to your advisor for approval after the add/drop period is over.

Please be aware that there are academic restrictions related to the duration of studies abroad including the Austrian Accreditation of Webster Vienna Private University if you seek Austrian accreditation of your degree. Please check with your advisor.

Certificate of Enrollment

The Certificate of Enrollment is an official document stating that you are an active student for the current term and is therefore a confirmation of your attendance.

The following documents (two originals of each) will be available on the first day of classes for both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as incoming students in Term 2:

  • Student data protocol (Studienblatt)
  • Proof of performance (Sammelzeugnis)
  • Certificate of Enrollment (Inskriptionsbestätigung)

One document package will be produced for each registered student and can be picked up at the front desk against a signature as of the first day of the semester according to the academic calendars published on our website. Students on financial or admissions holds will not be permitted to pick-up their documents.
Reasons you might need a Certificate of Enrollment:

  • Insurance Semester‘s
  • Transportation pass
  • Visa renewal
  • Anywhere you need official proof that you are an enrolled student

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts may only be requested online. You will find three methods to request official transcripts – option 3 (in person) is only available at the St. Louis campus.

A per transcript fee of USD 10,-- is charged and needs to be paid to St. Louis. Please be aware that transcripts are only issued upon verification of student account clearance.


Webster Vienna Private University reserves the right to withhold any official documents and refuse enrollment for future terms for students who owe a balance until tuition and fees are paid. In the event a student account is referred to an external collection agency, the student will also be responsible for additional fees related to the collection process.