Re-scheduling a class / Public Holiday Policy

Re-scheduling a Class

All classes must meet as scheduled. Classes may not be shortened. A cancelled class (due to illness, inclement weather, or holiday) must be made up prior to the official closing date for the session. It is necessary to do one of the following:

Inform your Department Head and your students of the change either by e-mail note or by phone .You can easily send an e-mail note to your class by accessing your class list via your Canvas powered WorldClassRoom page.

Inform the Academic Coordinator’s Office of both the cancellation and the day and time of your make-up class so she can assign a classroom to you and prepare a notice for your students.

Note: The best time to schedule make-up classes is usually Friday evening from 6 to 10 p.m. or Saturday afternoon from 2 to 6 p.m. (official University opening hours). The time should be agreed with the class to ensure that all students can attend.

Public Holiday Policy

Classes are not held on Austrian public holidays. A list of holiday dates for the current year can be on our website ( Due to Accreditation requirements, all missed classes have to be made up. You are required to find alternate times for the make-up classes that allow all students to attend. If you cannot schedule make-up classes on a week day, please contact the Academic Coordinator’s Office ( ) to arrange a make-up class on a Saturday during the term. We will try to accommodate your first preference for scheduling a make-up class, however please keep in mind that due to limitations with room availability/capacity an alternate date may have to be arranged. Please make sure you spell out the make-up arrangement on your syllabus so that your students are fully aware of it and have all your class meetings on their academic schedule.