Quant Center

The Quanτ Center offers free tutoring in Mathematics and Statistics
You can find us in room 4.13
Find our schedule
on the whiteboard next to the Quanτ Center
send an email to: david.gabauer@webster.ac.at

You can come to the Quant Center if you
… would like to revise some material for an upcoming exam
… don’t understand anything and don’t know where to start
… would like to check whether you solved something correctly
… think you understand most of the material, but for some topics, you’d like to hear another explanation
… etc.

Before visiting the Quanτ Center you might share the following feelings when you look at equations like this:

f(x,y) = sin(x) sin(y)

“Math is so complicated. “
“I’ve never been good at math.”
“Most of the time, I understand math, but sometimes I get lost.”

After paying a visit to the Quanτ Center you will definitely share the following feelings:

“Math is so cool! “
“I think I am mastering Math.”
“I get lost in learning more about Math because now I understand.”


The latest material related to MATH 1430 and BUSN 2750 courses, can be found here.