Psychology Resources

Can be Lab (Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience and Behavior Lab)

We CAN take various behavioral measures as well as recording brain activities (EEG), conducting startle reflex modulation studies (to quantify emotion), investigating facial expressions via facial electromyography (fEMG) and behavioral observations. In addition, we CAN measure heart rate, skin conductance, respiration rate, body motion and temperature. photos

Student Counseling Service

The Student Counseling Service is free and available to all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff and faculty members. Supervised by our experienced faculty, graduate psychology students are here to support you to talk one-to-one about the issues you are facing. The Student Counseling Center also has an active program of seminars, workshops, groups and lectures about many issues including coping with the stress of exams, and managing your time. more

Learning Support Services

The Learning Support Services are there to help students who struggle with a physical or psychological condition which hinders their academic progress and success. For questions regarding the Learning Support Services please contact Ms. Fernanda Nemec. more

Library resources for students

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