Faculty- Psychology

Research Faculty

Prof. Dr. Peter Walla PD
Full Professor and Head of Department
Academic area: Biological and Physiological Psychology, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
Email: Peter.Walla[at]webster.ac.at

Ass. Prof. Dr. Kathleen Hodkinson
Assistant Professor
Academic area: Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy
Email: Kathleen.Hodkinson[at]webster.ac.at

Ass. Prof. Dr. Marc Mehu
Assistant Professor
Academic Area: Psychology, Human Ethology, Affective Sciences
Email: Marc.Mehu[at]webster.ac.at


Mag. Krista Rothschild
Academic Area: Clinical and Health Psychology, Psychological Assessment
Email: Krista.Rothschild[at]webster.ac.at

Mag. Katrin Kristjansdottir
Counseling Center and Internship Manager
Email: Katrin.Kristjansdottir[at]webster.ac.at

Department Coordination and Student Advising

Nataly Loumba, MA
Department Coordinator
Academic Area: Psychology
Email: Nataly.Loumba[at]webster.ac.at

Eileen Zechmeister, MA
UG and G Student Advisor
Email: Eileen.Zechmeister[at]webster.ac.at

Adjunct Professors

Christine Butterfield, DDr.
Adjunct Professor
Academic Area: Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Email: Christine.Butterfield[at]webster.ac.at

Helga Felsberger, Mag. Dr.
Adjunct Professor
Academic Area: Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counseling
Email: Helga.Felsberger[at]webster.ac.at

Mag. Danielle Arn-Stieger
Adjunct Professor
Academic Area: Clinical and Health Psychology
Email: Darnstieger26[at]webster.edu

Dr. Dezsoe Birkas-Kovats
Adjunct Professor
Academic area: Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy
Email: Deszoebirkas81[at]webster.edu

Mag. Sandra E. Velásquez
Adjunct Professor
Academic area: Clinical and Health Psychology, Child and Youth Psychology, Family Counseling
Email: Sandrav03[at]webster.edu

Mag. Cornelia Duregger
Adjunct Professor
Academic Area: Clinical and Health Psychology
Email: cornelia.duregger[at]webster.ac.at