Faculty- Psychology


Faculty and Staff

Prof. Dr. Peter Walla PD Professor and Head of Department Peter.Walla[at]webster.ac.at
Marc Mehu, PhD Assistant Professor Marc.Mehu[at]webster.ac.at
Nataly Loumba, MA Department Coordinator/ Learning Support Services Nataly.Loumba[at]webster.ac.at
Mag. Katrin Kristjansdottir Counseling Services Supervisor Katrin.Kristjansdottir[at]webster.ac.at
Karoline Parth, PhD Assistant Professor Karoline.Parth[at]webster.ac.at

Adjunct Faculty
(Active during the academic year 2018-2019)

Mag. Krista Rothschild Clinical & Health Psychology krothschild44[at]webster.edu
Mag. Sandra Velásquez Clinical & Health Psychology Sandrav03[at]webster.edu
Mag. Andrea Keplinger Psychology, Sport Psychology Andrea.Keplinger[at]webster.ac.at
MSc David Sastre Neurobiology, Neuroscience davidsastre16[at]webster.edu
DDr. Christine Butterfield Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Christine.Butterfield[at]webster.ac.at
Dr. Dezsoe Birkas-Kovats Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Deszoebirkas81[at]webster.edu
Antonija Pacek Psychology of Education antonijapacek40[at]webster.edu
Dr. Helga Felsberger Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis Helga.Felsberger[at]webster.ac.at