We have a competitive research faculty and are proud of our Research Student Grant Award, which is part of a Webster-wide competition.

Our students can gain real brain imaging experience! Psychology is the study of the human mind and the behavior it generates, so learning about psychology means learning about yourself. Webster’s psychology program offers you a solid introduction into the field and then allows you to dive into the subjects of your interest. Those subjects are specific to Webster and unique in Vienna, and we are particularly proud of our counseling program, which prepares students ideally for a wide range of job markets in the helping profession, and the neuroscience approach that informs the practice of psychology and opens the doors to a research career. If you are keen on gaining a better understanding of the human mind (including your own!) Webster University’s psychology program is the place to go to for you. We have highly recognized professors, an oasis-like academic home including top-of-the-line facilities, and the best possible attitude towards teaching and science. All in English, right in the center of downtown Vienna. Welcome to Webster University!

Bachelor Program (Undergraduate) . . . roadmap

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology - Accredited both in the USA and in Austria. This program cnow also contains courses in Biology among others that make it similar to a Bachelor of Science (BS). In addition, you can get your hands on fancy physiological recording devices including a full grown 64 channel EEG system to watch the brain at work, which introduces you to the world of science. Click here to download our latest brain research paper.

Master Program (Graduate) . . . Fall roadmapSpring roadmap

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology (Covers propädeutikum aspects and gives you a great research experience) - accredited both in the USA and Austria; outcome: a) You become a Psychologist, b) You gain verbal skills that are needed for every profession, because communication is crucial is to all disciplines, c) You get the Propädeutikum certificate, which is the first important step to become a Psychotherapist in Austria (at no extra cost!), d) You are ideally prepared for any PhD Program.
  • News! From now on students can start this program not only in Fall (August), but also in Spring (January)!
  • The fact that the Propädeutikum is included in our MA Programm is particularly interesting for local students, who plan to become a Psychotherapist. The Propädeutikum costs money and with only a bit financial investment you can not only get this important certificate to become a Psychotherapist, but also earn a Master degree in Psychology, which of course can open many more doors for your professional career.

Psychology Club

If you are interested, please join the Psychology Club to socialize with others, get informed about Psychology-relevant events in Vienna and share your experiences and expectations.