Psychological Services

Psychological services at Webster Vienna are free and available to all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff and faculty members. These services include the Student Counseling Center and the Psychological Testing Service.

1. Student Counseling Center

What is counseling?

Counseling is a form of conversation that focuses on finding solutions to a wide variety of issues.  Are you anxious or worried? Are you feeling low or fed up?  Perhaps you are struggling to adjust to a difficult life event, a new school or a new country? Or maybe you just feel like you could use some guidance in your life… Counseling can be helpful for all of these concerns, and many more!

Reasons for coming to the Student Counseling Center may not always be so clear and well defined.  A general  feeling of discomfort or knowing that things have not been going well personally, may indicate the right time to discuss your situation in a safe and confidential atmosphere of sharing.


What do we offer?

Individual Sessions covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to: Relationship issues, time management, anxiety/test anxiety, stress, adjusting to life abroad, and academic counseling.

Group Seminars presented throughout the academic year that provide information about topics including, but not limited to: stress reduction, relaxation techniques, time management and procrastination, study and exam skills, and self-development.


We can help!

Who will be my counselor?

You will work with one of our second-year Master in Counseling Psychology students who receive close supervision from members our Psychology Department faculty. You might be referred to one our clinical psychologists, an outside psychotherapist or to our Psychological Testing Services for an assessment, if there is a need or interest.

How often do we meet?

Counseling sessions are typically short term, meaning about 4-6 sessions depending on when you start in the semester, but your specific needs will be discussed with your counselor.

How much does it cost?

Counseling for Webster students, faculty, and staff is free of charge

How I make an appointment?

Book an appointment online.

The Student Counseling Center is your first point of contact, and we will advise you on who can support you. However, if you feel this is not appropriate for your situation, you may make an appointment with our outside psychotherapist Mag. Karin Macke directly via email or phone.


2. The Psychological Testing Service

PTS has two focuses: disability/accommodation statuses and providing assessments for the Student Counseling Center.

  • For students with a diagnosis of physical or psychological impairment, who need accommodations while attending Webster University Vienna, please contact Mag. Krista Rothschild, and also see:  Disabilities and accommodations
  • For students who are concerned about their academic standing and would like to be assessed in regard to learning disorders or for example difficulties with memory, concentration and motivation, please use the link to make an appointment with the counselors (link to book online) for the first interview and assessment referral to PTS.
  • For students who would like to learning more about their personality and vocational interests (academic and professional interests), please use the link to make an appointment with the counselors (link to book online) for the first interview and assessment referral to PTS.

What is an assessment?

An assessment includes a thorough background interview, psychological assessments using psychological tests in English, followed by a psychological consultation based on test results which includes recommendations/treatment options, and referrals to other health care specialists, as needed.