Propädeutikum Certificate

The Propädeutikum is the first important step to become a psychotherapist in Austria. It is considered a higher education course. Webster Vienna Private University is officially registered at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health as an institution that offers the Propädeutikum.

Once you finish it, you will not receive an academic title (such as MA, BA, Dr., etc.), but a certificate that gives you the right to start the second step to become a psychotherapist: the Fachspezifikum.

If you would like to have the Propädeutikum certificate, you just need to add the following to your MA degree required courses:

  • 16 hours of “First-Aid course”. Please note that this is not organized by us. Below you can find the link with suggestions of First-aid courses taught in English.
  • Self-Reflection with a registered Psychotherapist (50 hours of individual self-reflection or 25 hours of a group self-reflection). For more information about how to find a psychotherapist in Vienna, please contact
  • Final exam - It is a 20 minutes oral exam organized by Dr. Helga Felsberger, our Propädeutikum advocate. This exam happens once a year (always in May).

Dr. Helga Felsberger, Propädeutikum advocate