Vienna: 5 Years Highest Standard of Living

Yet again, Vienna has been ranked #1 on Mercer's Quality of Living Rankings. Achieving the title now six years in a row, Vienna was also highlighted by Mercer's for being #1 in the world for conferences and corporate events.

The survey analyzed 223 cities using 39 different factors including the following ten categories:

Torben Wiegand and Philipp Prassl

Students Pass CFA Exam

First Webster Vienna students to pass the Level 1 CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam

Wenkheim with scaffolding

Wenkheim Countdown: 20 Weeks!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014:
With just 20 weeks to go, this week the Palais construction crew moved the scaffolding from the back of the building to the front in order to paint. Inside, they have finished painting the atrium and have only a couple remaining levels of scaffolding remaining.

It is amazing to see how quickly the workers proceed with the carpeting. So far, the 4th and 5th floors are already fully carpeted.

With about 50 workers on the job, renovations are moving forward very quickly.

Dr. Monika Schwärzler-Brodesser

Dr. Monika Schwärzler-Brodesser at Helsinki Photomedia 2014

Dr. Monika Schwärzler-Brodesser, Senior Research Faculty in the department, recently attended Helsinki Photomedia 2014. The Second International Helsinki Photography Research Conference, hosted by Aalto University and gave a presentation there. In her presentation she dealt with the PR campaigns launched by CS Hospice in Vienna, giving an analysis of the image of old age designed in these campaigns. For her research project the institution´s  archive of visuals was made available to her.

Clearing out the old library flooring

Wenkheim Countdown: 21 Weeks

Wednesday, March 26, 2014:
Palais Wenkheim's Academic Resource Center (ARC) has been quite a challenge to complete over the last few months. In the fall, the workers tore out the old wooden floors completely to prepare to build a new floor/ceiling which would hold the heavy weight of the incoming books. Since, the construction crew has developed a sturdy floor foundation, finished the floor and added carpeting. The following album tells the story of the ARC's development.

Career Talk: Management or Expert Career: Expert, Manager, Leader – what do I want to strive for?

Deciding whether to go into management or choosing an expert career is not difficult when you are at the university. If you ask business students around the world, most of them will answer that they see themselves in a management position within five years of graduation, if not even sooner. How realistic or still desirable this is, is often a personal journey and it depends very much on individual skills, abilities, potential and aspiration/ambition.

Scaffolding in the Atrium

Wenkheim Countdown: 22 Weeks

Wednesday, March 19, 2014:

Scholars program

Webster Scholars Internships

On March 7th, the Webster Scholars Program students presented the results of their social impact internships from the last two months, a part of their second course in the program: Paradigms in Global Citizenship (GNST 2500/50). The exciting internship opportunities were brought to the students by course professor Rita Pollozhani  in cooperation with Steliana Kokonova from the Impact Hub and Reka Artner from TEDxVienna. By pairing each Webster Scholar up with a social entrepreneur, the internships provided the students a unique learning experience.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior Competition

Professor Julia Skobeleva's Spring I Graduate Organizational Behavior course spiced up their last class of the term with an architecture competition. Intended to demonstrate the interaction between individual team roles in an organizational environment, the students were challenged to work in groups to construct a tower using a set of provided materials.

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