IR Work Study Scholarship Available

Work Study Position: International Relations Research and Administrative Assistant

The International Relations Department is seeking a Research and Administrative Assistant. The position will be for ten hours a week, and will be remunerated as 50% tuition coverage (UG € 820, G € 967,50) for one 3 credit course per term.

Vienna, the Most Prosperous City in the World!

Vienna has, once again, found itself at the top of another worldwide city-ranking.

This time, the city gained the title of most prosperous city in the world according to "State of the World's Cities 2012/2013", a 152-page study performed by United Nations Human Settlements Programme HABITAT experts.  

Decisions were based on two sections: The first section took into consideration productivity, quality of life, infrastructure, and environmental sustainability. The second additionally evaluated equity and social inclusion.

Student Debate

Students hold debate for final exam

For their final exam, students of the class "Introduction to Political Argumentation and Debate" held a rousing public debate on October 17th. The parliamentary debates discussed controversial issues including euthanasia, killing one to save many, and the rights of convicted felons to vote.

Delta Mu Delta Board Awardee, Sona Klucarova

Student receives Delta Mu Delta Board Award

Our MBA student Sona Klucarova was selected to receive the Delta Mu Delta Board Award, one of the prestigious annual scholarship awards presented to outstanding business students by Delta Mu Delta’s central office in Brookfield, IL, USA. The award includes a cash prize of $1,000. Out of all the awarded scholars, Sona is the only one attending a university outside of the US.

Outstanding results on Bloomberg Aptitude Test

Once again, Webster University Vienna proves its outstanding educational standards. Our students delivered above-average results when taking the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) this spring. Compared to the international results, Webster students stand out significantly and for many sections are way above average.

Webster Students raise 700 euro for Kenyan Elementary School

Students at the Vienna campus held a fund-raising social event in September 2013. They succeeded in raising 700 euros – congratulations! The money will go towards supporting an elementary school in western Kenya. The money will most likely be spent on much-needed school books, desks, and chairs for the elementary students. The school is one of three supported by the Waluka project, a charity run by adjunct faculty member Giles Pope.

Day of Psychology

What does climbing have to do with Psychology?
Webster Psychology majors were accompanied on Saturday to Vienna's town hall, Rathaus, by Jennifer Ebner-Daigle, MO, MA, and Mag. Krista Rothschild to the Day of Psychology. The Austrian Professional Association of Psychologists (BOEP) organizes the event each year. Members of each faction spoke with students about their area of specialization.

Phillipp Prassl

Webster Vienna takes part in Rotary Club Charity Kart Race

With 14 teams and 56 drivers, our team ranked 8th place!

A Thursday night at the Daytona Kart ring just outside of Vienna: The music is pumping, the atmosphere vibrant with adrenalin in the air. A Kart race was just about to start with a courageous Webster team right in the middle. All geared in black racing suits, they are certainly dressed for success!

"What a fantastic opportunity for Webster University to shine not only in the classroom, but also on a Kart rink", says Rotarian Dr. Christopher Kummer, MBA Director at Webster Vienna.

Bradford Keeny, Ph.D. and Hillary Keeney, Ph.D.

The Life Force Theatre

Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., and his wife Hillary Keeney, Ph.D., are both traditional healers, internationally acclaimed scholars, and teachers of creative transformation. Their spiritual gifts have been widely recognized and celebrated by diverse healers, shamans, wisdom practitioners, and religious authorities all over the world.

Ibubi Primary School in Kenya

Last December Webster Vienna held its annual Holiday Punch event in combination with the Webster Works Worldwide #18 in the form of a fundraiser for the Ibubi Primary School in Kenya. Donations were collected to support the needy which in this case were students of the Ibubi Primary School in Kenya. The donation went towards purchasing textbooks and school supplies for these students.

The pictures of happy students of Ibubi proudly showing their books were sent to us by the Head Teacher Joshua Maboko Echoka through Dr. Giles Pope, Adjunct Professor of Webster University, Vienna.


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