Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management with emphasis in International Business

Our Management program is also available without an emphasis or with an emphasis in Marketing

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management with an emphasis in International Business degree covers all aspects of management with a special focus on the complexities of leading people and directing an organization’s resources in an international/ global setting.  Topics include the dynamics of globalization, the organization and strategic planning of multinational and transnational organizations, foreign subsidiary coordination and control, and special human resource issues such as cross-cultural management and expatriate employees.  Time is given to all aspects of marketing for foreign markets. Students will also receive a sound understanding of what economic forces drive international markets and the complexities they will face dealing with trade barriers, issues of standardization/adaptation, foreign exchange markets, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will explain the important terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories used in management.
  • Students will be able to identify and apply appropriate terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories used in management when analyzing moderately complex situations.
  • Students will be able to synthesize and integrate important concepts, principles, and theories used in management into solutions to moderately complex management problems.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of the following: 42 Required US credit hours of Core Courses in the Major (this equals 14 courses); 30 US Credits from the Global Citizenship Program; 55 Elective US credit hours (this equals 19 courses).

Required Courses

Core Courses

International Electives

One course from each of the following four international areas (12 credit hours):

Language Requirement

12 credit hours in German, French, Spanish, or Italian. This requirement is waived for students whose native language is not English. In this case, the requirements for major reduce to 51 credits and the number of elective credits increase to 50.

Double Major

A student may major in any management program and the BS in business administration without substituting courses for ACCT 2010, ACCT 2025, ECON 2020, ECON 2030, and MNGT 2100, which reduces the requirement for the second major by 15 credits. However, substitutions will be required for courses required by both majors that are not on this list.