Thomas Hintze

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, UPC Austria

Member of the WVPU Advisory Board since 2005
Chairman of the WVPU Advisory Board from 2005-2017

Thomas Hintze is Supervisory Board Chairman of UPC Austria Services GmbH, a consolidated subsidiary of Liberty Global, Inc. and part of the UPC Broadband Division.
He has been in this position since August 2014. He was Managing Director from July 2000 till July 2014. 

After graduation in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vienna in 1981, Thomas Hintze started his career in the Development Department of Kapsch AG. From 1984 to 1988, he was the responsible Project Technician for ÖNORM standardization at Kapsch AG and the Austrian delegate at the CCITT for the establishment of world-wide ISDN-standards. In 1988, Hintze changed to Nixdorf computers where he worked as concessionaire responsible for the market introduction of the Nixdorf-private branch exchange (PBX). From 1990 to 2000 he served as Director and Vice President of data/corporate networks at Datakom Austria GmbH.

Thomas Hintze is chairman of the Webster University Executive Advisory board and adjunct faculty member. He furthermore serves as visiting professor for MSc, MA and MBA courses at the Donau Universität Krems. He previously was the Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Austria, Supervisory Board Member of Kabel Baden-Württemberg since 2006, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Theodor Körner Fond since 2007 and a member of the Management Board of ANGA Verband Deutscher Kabelnetzbetreiber since 2009.

Hintze has served as lecturer, participant in panel discussions and chairman of more than 100 national and international conferences (e.g. Österreichische Medientage, Medientage München, ECCA, CTAM).