Henrietta Pikovski, MA in Counseling Psychology '14

on her internship experience in Organizational Psychology at vieconsult

Being an English-speaking psychology student in Vienna, with an interest in Organizational psychology, I am very grateful to the Career Development Center for helping me find an interesting internship. The internship at vieconsult brought me insights into organizational research and organizational consulting. The international environment was perfect for me and I very much enjoyed working for some of Austria's leading companies. After my theoretical knowledge from Webster University, I was pleased to receive a practical experience during my internship. I developed skills in projects where I worked with empirical survey instruments, participated in customer-related meetings, and took part in workshops. At vieconsult, I worked in an inspiring environment with a great team of positive and highly competent professionals. By the end of the internship, I was offered to continue working as an employee which was the beginning of my career.