Global Citizenship Program

The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) is a multi-disciplinary academic program dedicated to preparing student-scholars for an increasingly globalized world. Through a wide-ranging set of coursework that spans the social, behavioral and human sciences, students gain essential insight into some of the most pressing challenges of the day.

By cultivating greater historical understanding, improved critical thinking and more articulate modes of individual expression, the Global Citizenship Program supports the development of working methods and lines of inquiry that are both exploratory and innovative in character.

Its faculty of researchers in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, literature, languages, science and the arts introduces students to contemporary research in disciplines essential to all fields of study through a series of degree requirements and electives in the liberal arts.

You can find more information about the Global Citizenship Program on our main campus website. For further information on Vienna’s Global Citizenship Program, please contact the Head of the Global Citizenship Program.