Mag. Sandra E. Velásquez

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Background and Facts

Mag. Velásquez studied clinical and industrial psychology at the University "del Valle de México" and at the University of Vienna. She has additional qualifications in systemic organizational and human resources development, in clinical and health psychology, and in child and youth counseling. Mag. Velásquez is currently following the postgraduate training in clinical hypnosis with the Milton Erickson Society in Vienna.

Mag. Velásquez started her career as a psychologist in counseling for systemic family structure diagnosis at the University "del Valle de México". She then moved to Austria where she worked on a variety of community projects including career counseling for unemployed teenagers, social skills training for unemployed adults, mental health for immigrants and their families, apprentice career planning and recruiting, psychological assessment of adults and children, as well as parent and family counseling. 

Mag. Velásquez is a clinical, health, child, youth, and family psychologist at Safe-Place [], where she supervises psychological treatment in individual, couple, and group settings.

In parallel to her private practice, Mag. Velásquez is managing a project on psychological treatment and psychotherapy of endangered children and adolescents at the Child, Family & Environment Association (Verein Kind, Familie, Umwelt) in Vienna. She is also involved in the design and implementation of workshops on nonverbal methods in family counseling, in collaboration with the Vienna Youth and Family Office (MAG ELF Amt für Jugend und Familien).

Mag. Velásquez has given a number of seminars and workshops at CLS Austria (Institut für Christliche Lebensberatung & Seelsorge) on positive parenthood, parent-child interactions, child development, and teen counseling. Mag. Velásquez is frequently solicited by the press for interviews on a variety of matters related to psychology. Her involvement in the community is also reflected by the many (over 80) columns and articles on psychological coaching in the Austrian magazines "Wohntraum Lifestyle & Motor", "News", "Mehr", "Madonna", and "Sunny7". The themes covered in these articles are parenting, relationships, security, burnout, social media, drug consumption, and more.

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Research interests

Mag. Velásquez' research interests are in the effect of the new compulsory counseling session for divorcing parents (§ 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG), in the child protection practice in dysfunctional parental systems, and in the role of the "Inner Safe Place" in marriage counseling.


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