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WePsYC 2018

WEbster PSychology Youth Conference 2018

The Psychology Department at Webster Vienna Private University will be organizing a youth conference for high school students who are engaged in a research project within the remit of their "Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit"or "Diplomarbeit". Interested students are invited to submit a short summary of their research for evaluation by the program committee. Selected projects will then have the opportunity to present their research at the conference in the form of a poster. The best posters will receive a cash prize.

The conference will take place on Friday, June 8th, 2018 on the Webster Vienna campus.

How do I come up with a research question?
We accept any project investigating a research question that is relevant to psychology, broadly defined as the science of mental states and behavior. Personal experience, observations, social concerns, or the psychological literature are frequent sources of ideas for research questions. The closer the theme is to personal interests, the more motivating it is to pursue a research question!

What kind of methodology should I use?
Data collection involves any form of qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. Qualitative methods of data collection include, among other things, interviews, introspective reports, or clinical judgments; whereas quantitative methods can include physical, observational, or self-report measures. A mixed method is any combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Although having empirical data is always a plus, projects that do not involve data collection (e.g. theoretical investigations) are also welcome.
It is important that the project has a clear structure and that the arguments are presented clearly, i.e. that the research question, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusion.

Who is eligible?
Students in their 7th or 8th year of high school are able to apply, as they either start preparing or already have completed their Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit or Diplomarbeit. Students who completed their work in a previous year and are willing to present are also welcome to apply.

What should I submit?
If you wish to participate in the conference and compete for a prize, please submit a summary of approximately 500 words to the Youth Conference Committee via email (see contact details below). The summary should include a brief description of your area of interest, your research question(s), hypotheses (if any), a description of your methodology, results, and conclusion. You can also include a list of references that are cited in your summary (if any). Note that the reference list does not count towards the 500 words. If your work is not empirical, but theoretical, you can replace the methodology and result sections by a description of the main theories you used in your work. The submission deadline is the 15th of April 2018.

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