Danielle Arn-Stieger

Adjunct Professor, Webster Vienna Private University







Course taught at WVPU


Background and Facts

Mag. Arn-Stieger's past professional activities include research at the Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut für Gesundheitspsychologie der Frau. Mag. Arn-Stieger also worked as a counselor at a family counseling centre and a mother-child facility, as well as a Lecturer at the NÖ Landesakademie and other training facilities. Mag. Arn-Stieger is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at the Heilpädagogische Zentrum Hinterbrühl and owns her private practice for Systemic Family Therapy.

Country of Origin: Austria


  • BA, Georgetown University, 1993
  • DSA (Diplomsozialarbeiterin) at the School for Social Work, Vienna, 1998
  • Mag.rer.nat. in Psychology, University of Vienna, 1999
  • Postgraduate certification in Clinical and Health Psychology, Ministry of Health (Austria), 2001
  • Systemic family therapy, ÖAS, Vienna 2010
  • Systemic Supervisor, ÖAS, Vienna, 2013

Research interests

Models of cooperation within the psychosocial field, parental helplessness, childhood and adolescent disorders.