International Relations Research News

This Fall semester the International Relations department at Webster Vienna welcomed two new student research assistant trainees – Sara Lazarovska and  Christof Wegiel– to assist with the research on Dr. Elina Brutschin’s ongoing project titled “Nuclear Energy Expansion – The Role of Geopolitical Factors.”

The Research Project:

The project is based on a quantitative analysis of nuclear energy projects (as well as their takeoff and expansion) in different countries around the world. It attempts to determine a possible relationship between a number of socio-political and economic variables and the development of a nuclear energy project in a country.


The Research Trainees:

Sara is a graduate student in the International Relations department and her research interests include energy security, international law, and international organizations. She began working on this project during the summer term while she was honing her skills in quantitative analysis in the advanced research methods course.

Christof is an undergraduate student in the Business and Management department, whose major is Management with a focus on International Business and minor is Media Communications. His research interests include international relations and he is excited to be joining the department for this project.

Christof and Sara are looking forward to learning more not just about nuclear energy and energy security, but also about the social science research process in general.