Mag. Khaled Hakami


Adjunct Faculty in Cultural Antrhopology






Cultural Anthropology: Peoples and Cultures


Khaled Hakami studied (Ancient) History & Anthropology at the University of Vienna, where he is now completing his doctoral dissertation. With his thesis on the application of ethnosociological models on ancient social structures, he tried to show the existence of universal social and kinship patterns by using cross-cultural methodology. His research and teaching topics are the study of Social Evolution, the origins and functions of war, Macrosociology and Philosophy of Science. For the past ten years, he has done extensive fieldwork among several hunter-gatherer societies in the rainforests of the Malay Peninsula in association with Helmut Lukas and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Currently, he is a lecturer in Anthropology at various departments of the University of Vienna and the secretary of the International Society for Hunter Gatherer Research (ISHGR).